Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sarah Huckabee Sanders - 'Butch Queen'

Leftists have no qualms about attacking conservative women.

The hypocrites don't stand up for women. They don't care about women. If they did, they wouldn't brutally attack women holding conservative political views.

Ira Madison, writer for The Daily Beast, called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "butch queen" in a tweet last Friday.

From the Washington Times:

Ira Madison III, an entertainment writer with The Daily Beast, penned this of Sanders, on a tweet to his 47,500-plus followers: “Butch queen first time in drags at ball.”

And he posted the zinger alongside a photograph of Sanders, Fox News reported.
Late on Monday, Madison tweeted an apology to Sanders.

Because Madison is a Leftist, this weak apology ends the matter. After all, conservative women are fair game. They deserve to be mocked and dehumanized.

This isn't the first time Madison has attacked Sanders.

Here's something he tweeted in May:

Here's a tweet from last Friday, the same day he made the "butch queen" remark:

The guy, like many other Leftists, is cruel.

The Leftists' War on Conservative Women is disgraceful.

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