Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Women's March Celebrates Assata Shakur's Birthday

This is truly disgraceful.

Assata Shakur is not someone to be celebrated. She killed a New Jersey police officer.

Read about Assata Shakur, married name Joanne Chesimard: "Hunted Leftist Terrorist Laughs at FBI from Cuba"
Convicted cop-killer (of a New Jersey State-Trooper) and “domestic terrorist” Chesimard has been living in Cuba since 1984 as a Castro-coddled celebrity of sorts. And it’s not like bounty hunters can operate freely in a Stalinist country. So the $2 million may be symbolic — as in the U.S. Justice Dept. putting on a game face and saying: “Look Castro, we’re serious here!”

In the early 1970’s Chesimard belonged to a Black Panther offshoot known as the Black Liberation Army. “This case is just as important today as it was when it happened 40 years ago,” said a recent press release from Mike Rinaldi of the New Jersey State Police. “Chesimard was a member of the Black Liberation Army, a radical left wing terror group that felt justified killing law enforcement officers…This group conducted assaults on police stations and murdered police officers.”

More than a mere member of these domestic terrorists, Chesimard was described by former assistant FBI director John Miller as “the soul of the Black Liberation Army.”
More details:
In 1973, while wanted for multiple crimes from bank robbery to murder, Chesimard and two accomplices were pulled over for a tail-light violation on the New Jersey Turnpike. As the troopers were routinely questioning them, Chesimard (who was in the passenger seat) and her pals opened up on the lawmen with semi-auto pistols (no word on whether these were properly registered).

As trooper Werner Foerster grappled with the driver, Chesimard shot him twice — then her gun apparently jammed. As Foerster lay on the ground wounded and helpless, Chesimard grabbed the trooper’s own gun and blasted two shots into his head, much in the manner of her Cuban idols Che Guevara and Raul Castro murdering hundreds of their own (always defenseless) “counter-revolutionary” enemies.
People need to understand the extremism of Women's March.

Do you support the celebration of a convicted domestic terrorist, a murderer of a police officer?

If you do, support Women's March and wish Assata Shakur a Happy Birthday.

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