Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Jimmy Fallon: Getting Fired By Trump - Pros and Cons

Getting Fired By Trump

Pro: The President gave you advance warning that you'd probably be let go.
Con: During your job interview.

Pro: Being escorted out by the Secret Service.
Con: Hearing them whisper, "Please take us with you."

Pro: Trump shook your hand on the way out.
Con: It's been 48 hours and he still hasn't let go.

Pro: Being offered a generous severance package.
Con: Seeing Mike Pence blush when he hears the phrase "Generous package."

Pro: It's a disappointment, but you'll learn to live with it.
Con: That's also the slogan for the Trump Administration.

Pro: The White House was like one big family.
Con: Because 99 percent of the people who still work there are related to Trump.

Pro: You have more time to relax, watch TV and play golf.
Con: Or as that's also known, "being president."

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