Friday, August 4, 2017

Jimmy Fallon: Mark Zuckerberg 2020 Presidential Candidate Joke

JIMMY FALLON: People are speculating that Mark Zuckerberg could run for president in 2020, because he just hired Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist. He came highly recommended by everyone, except Hillary Clinton.

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Joseph Dunphy said...

LOL. So Zuckerberg is going ahead with that? This should be amusing.

I think the guy's theory is "Trump won, and he's rich, and I'm rich, so I'll win, too." The difference is that one doesn't find a large number of people in the US who hated Trump back when he was working as a developer. He certainly has burned a few bridges in Scotland, but the Scottish don't get to vote in our elections. Facebook, on the other hand, is hated far and wide. Just search for posts about arbitrary suspensions on Facebook, and censorship on that site. Also, his his company's history of taking personal information which had been set to private and making it public without the users' knowledge or consent, forcing users to opt out of sharing it, again. I saw a video of an interview in which Zuck was asked about this, and said something that has been very fairly paraphrased as "the cool kids don't care about privacy." Now picture this man as president, with control over the NSA. Picture hundreds of millions of voters having the same thought.

But don't get me wrong. I hope he does run. The SJWs would probably vote for him, and as Zuckerberg goes down to a humiliating defeat in the primaries (wasting a lot of his own money in the process), everybody will get to see what a tiny minority that crowd really is. The illusion of their vast numbers and political invincibility will be lost, and more people will choose to stand up to those lunatics. Zuckerberg will do an immense amount of good by running for president, just not the sort of good he expected.