Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Joy Reid Apologizes, Lies

MSNBC's Joy Reid claims that she doesn't believe she wrote homophobic blog posts, but she admits there is no evidence hackers were responsible. So, she apologized.

It's not much of an apology because she still clings to this "It wasn't me" garbage.

Reid does take responsibility for offensive tweets.

How stupid is that?

She admits she made offensive remarks but insists posts on her blog that reflect similar sentiments weren't written by her.

Sure, Joy.

So where's the boycott?

An apology didn't spare Laura Ingraham, and the tweet that prompted the boycott wasn't particularly offensive. Sponsor after sponsor bailed, buckling under pressure from the very organized and very crazed Leftists.

Reid is getting a pass. The Leftists circle the wagons once again.

Enjoy wallowing in all that hypocrisy, MSNBC personalities and MSNBC viewers.

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