Friday, June 1, 2018

FBI, CIA, DOJ Abuses

It is stunning to find the Leftists in the position of excusing the possible abuses of the FBI and the CIA.

It is amazing to watch the same media, typically bent on taking down The Man, showing no interest in pursuing this incredible scandal.

Rather than doing investigative reporting, the Leftist media have decided to do everything they can to dismiss the various bombshells related to the tactics of the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.

Can you imagine what these Leftists would be doing if the intelligence community had been weaponized like this under a Republican president?

John Nolte writes:

The children of the ’60s — you know, the hippies — and their ideological offspring in academia, politics, and, most especially, the media, are now not only okay with a sitting president’s weaponizing the intelligence community against a rival presidential campaign; they are all rolling over like whipped dogs to believe everything the intelligence community tells them, most especially when it is coming from the CIA — the CIA! — and the FBI.

Basically, Trump has driven the hippies and their offspring so crazy they are not only A-okay with the CIA’s spying on American citizens, totally cool with FBI spies infiltrating a rival campaign, and feeling warm all over about wiretaps, unmasking, and lying to federal judges, they do not want any of this investigated.

The other day, Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame was on CNN fuming over the fact that there will now be an investigation of the Obama administration, the Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI, after it was discovered they are all guilty of spying on the political rival of a sitting president.

Carl freakin’ Bernstein does not want the watchmen watched. Carl freakin’ Bernstein is swallowing every treat being fed to him by the CIA — the CIA! — and the FBI. Carl freakin’ Bernstein does not want an investigation, does not want to learn anything more than what he is being told (by the CIA!), and does not want the public to know anything more.

And if you look across the vast horizon with the rare exception of an Alan Dershowitz and Glenn Greenwald, all the hippies are siding with and swallowing whole everything told to them by the same CIA that secretly bombed Cambodia, siding with and swallowing whole everything told to them by the same FBI that spied on Rev. Martin Luther King.

After the civil rights movement, the best thing to come out of the ’60s was a healthy skepticism of our national intelligence apparatus and a vigilance against its abuses. The era of the unquestioning ’50s was finally over. But now, because of Trump, all of that has vanished. The hippies have become the squares, the round haircuts, the unquestioning white bread, middle class, Ward Cleaver 50s dads who blindly salute their G-Men.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not blaming Trump. After all, in this equation, it is Trump who is the radical, the civil rights crusader, the young Carl Bernstein taking on The Man, pushing for transparency from the CIA and FBI, demanding truth and accountability from the establishment.

This sort of scandal is one that should have Carl Bernstein wannabes falling all over themselves, fighting to reveal the truth. Instead, they are silent or giving cover, becoming part of the wrongdoing.

Dismissing the abuses of the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA is unconscionable.

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