Friday, July 6, 2018

Marquette Expels Student for Goofy Pic

Marquette University is spiraling out of control as it strains to appeal to the Left.

John McAdams reports the story of a student expelled for posting a silly photo.

McAdams writes:

White guys staging a tableau of this sort may be a bit silly, but it’s not the least bit racist.

The fellow in the hoodie in the back (see the arrow) is a Marquette student. A Latino, we will call him “Enrique.” The photo was shot almost two years ago, with Enrique and some of his high school buddies and members of his soccer team. The black doll was owned by one of Enrique’s buddies; he carried it around a lot.

Enrique’s dad, in an e-mail to the Warrior Blog, confirmed that his son’s intention was “merely a game” and not any sort of racist display.
Apparently, reason isn't applied and justice doesn't matter at Marquette. All that matters is being on the right side of issues, meaning on the Left.

Student complaints are addressed even if their accusations are unfounded.

Mike Lovell, rather than being a steadying force at the university, serves as the head cheerleader of virtue signaling.

It's good that Marquette doesn't endorse hate crimes. It's not good that the university has no qualms about destroying a student's future at Marquette all to support a false narrative.

Alumni need to realize that Marquette University is lost. Its Catholic values have gone missing.

The strange, altered mission of this unrecognizable Marquette is not worth supporting.

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