Thursday, July 5, 2018

Therese Patricia Okoumou

Therese Patricia Okoumou is no hero, though Leftists are treating her like one. The heroes are the law enforcement officials that were put at risk when carrying out their responsibilities, removing her from the Statue of Liberty.

Like her, many Leftists chose to "resist" on the Fourth of July.

I chose to celebrate my beloved country and have a beautiful day.

In the morning, I went to my community's Fourth of July parade.

Then, it was time to enjoy a cookout with family.

In the early evening, strong storms rolled through.

Would the fireworks be cancelled?


It was a steamy summer night sitting on the hill, watching the fireworks as lightning flashed far out over the lake, but it was a glorious display.

So many people came together just to have fun and celebrate our nation.

I love the Fourth of July. It's a day of traditions, delicious food, and fun without any of the excesses and pressures that come when a holiday is overwhelmed with commercialization. The Fourth of July is a very pure celebration, one of the American treasures of summer.

Yes, the heat was oppressive at times and the storms were a bit of a problem but, overall, Independence Day 2018 was great!

I wasn't angry or depressed about the president or policies or politics. No resistance. No scaling national monuments or preventing anyone from enjoying their holiday. I didn't spend the day protesting. I spent the day in simple but joyous celebration.

I was thankful to be celebrating the country I love with people I love.

I was happy.


Unknown said...

Though I also celebrated the Fourth of July happily with my family and not in protest, I still respect those who did take their time to protest because that is what this country is about. While I disagree with the venue Therese Patricia Okoumou chose for her protest, I agree with the tone and sincerity of her protest 100%. I am highly concerned about the seat of the pants, unadvised decisions being made by our inexperienced, bigoted, sexist, narcissistic President and should I decide to protest on the next national holiday I would thank you to keep your rightist opinions about it to yourself.

Unknown said...

The Fourth of July is not intended as a day to celebrate our country, nor is the Statue of Liberty mainly a tourist attraction. America is -- supposed to be, anyway -- so much more than partying and sightseeing.