Monday, December 2, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Abolish Electoral College

Why are the Democrats holding their convention in Milwaukee?

The Electoral College.

Why do presidential candidates campaign in Wisconsin?

The Electoral College.

Why do we, Wisconsin voters, matter?

The Electoral College.

I know many Wisconsin Democrats are not too smart, but at least some must realize that abolishing the Electoral College would render them irrelevant.

Millions upon millions of Americans would become voiceless if Warren gets her way.

Does Warren and other like-minded Democrat candidates really plan to come to Wisconsin and push to abolish the Electoral College?

Should we just get rid of states altogether? Forget about states' rights?

The Democrats really don't like borders.

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LL said...

Elizabeth Warren shouldn't wish too hard for an American Revolution, because she'd end up with a noose around that neck, somewhere in front of the White House. That's what abolition of the Electoral College would mean. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to Lizzy getting her neck stretched. It's just that there are better things for the country to be doing.