Wednesday, January 13, 2021

McConnell's Fault

Mitch is telling the media he's furious and done with Trump.


Well, I'm furious and done with McConnell.

Without Trump supporters, McConnell has NOTHING.

McConnell wants to eliminate Trump and the MAGA movement just as he did with the Tea Party. He attacks what he sees as a threat to his power and his control over the party.

President Trump leaves office in one week. Impeaching him makes of a complete mockery of our system and the process. Any Republican member of Congress throwing in with the Democrats on this stunt will not go over well with the 74-75 million Trump voters.

We've seen the future of the Republican party and it does not include Swamp dwellers and Establishment snobs like McConnell. They've been marginalized by the new Republicans of the Trump era, the forgotten men and women of America.

McConnell, Liz Cheney, and their Swamp cohorts would prefer to do Pelosi's bidding and be praised by the Democrat media, anything to make those new Trump Republicans go away.

Huge miscalculation. Trump Republicans are not going away. The people have the power.

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