Thursday, August 19, 2021

Full Release of Unedited Biden ABC Interview

From The Federalist:
Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty called for transparency from ABC News, demanding they release the full conversation between President Joe Biden and interviewer George Stephanopoulos.

On Thursday’s episode of “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” host Hugh Hewitt noted that “ABC has an unedited tape” and released a transcript of the edited interview but that he didn’t think that was enough to placate the American people’s doubts about Biden’s ability to govern.

“Long ago, Richard Nixon offered a transcript of the Watergate tapes to John Stennis. That was immediately and roundly rejected. Does ABC owe the American people an unedited view of the President since we have nothing else?” Hewitt asked.

“Well, I’m certain the American public would prefer this. And I think that your raising it, talking about it right now, is a great way to put pressure on the situation, to actually see the raw footage,” Hagerty said.

Hagerty said he has “doubts” that Biden is fit to address this unfolding situation after he ignored it for days.
I want to see the full interview, without all the Biden-friendly edits.

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