Saturday, August 14, 2021

MSNBC Leftist Propagandists - Joy Reid's Vile Hatred

I never watch MSNBC. When I do hear what the network sells, it is shocking.

From NewsBusters:
Reid opened with fear porn, insisting that “the Covid crisis” is “spiraling out of control” as “[c]ases are surging throughout the country and hospitals are understaffed and overflowing” thanks to “a minority of Americans who are refusing to get vaccinated or, in some cases, to take any precautions to stop the spread.” Speaking to University of Mississippi Medical Center Vice Chancellor Dr. Louanna Woodward, Reid used Woodward’s lament about the refusal of Americans to take the safe and effective coronavirus vaccines to argue the right supports killing themselves as well those around them. ...Later in the A-block, Reid seemed shocked that Justice Amy Coney Barrett upheld Indiana University’s vaccine mandate, so she brought in faux conservative-turned-progressive and Bulwark editor Charlie Sykes to still find a way to maim their opposition. Once Reid expressed hope that upholding vaccine mandates would “be able to sort of save people’s lives against their will,” Sykes praised the court for “pushing back against this know nothing revolution” of deadly “disinformation” and “political demagoguery” “in states like Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.” Working in digs against Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for attending a fundraiser in Nevada during this Delta variant surge and Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) facing mask mandate pushback in places like Travis County, Reid accused both of being “in favor of death”: “I’ll ask you to join me in that sense. I mean, the reality is, these governors are taking a stance in favor of death. And I don’t understand the calculation to do that.” Possessing none of the character traits his side claims to abhor, Sykes agreed by saying they’re captive to the whims of their base, but pleaded with her to make exception for GOP Governors Spencer Cox (UT), Mike DeWine (OH), and Larry Hogan (MD). Without a shred of irony, Sykes ruled that the behavior of Abbott and DeSantis on Covid was proof that “political tribalism is a hell of a drug.”

Absolutely shameful.

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