Friday, October 1, 2021

85,000 Haitian Migrants Coming To US Thanks To Biden's Open Borders

From FOX News:

Nearly 30,000 Haitian migrants have already made their way over the U.S.-Mexico border in recent weeks, but Panama's foreign minister says far more are on their way – and she has been sounding the alarm for months.

In a new interview with Axios, Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes said that since the beginning of 2021 more than 85,000 Haitians have crossed through Panama and that she believes "they all are heading toward the U.S."
Illegal migrants keep surging the border, as Biden suggested. They are expecting American taxpayers to provide free food, housing, health care, education, free everything.

Meanwhile, hard-working Americans are being threatened with losing their jobs because of their COVID vaccine status while more than a million illegal migrants are admitted to the country and sent to its interior, many of them infected and spreading COVID and other diseases.

Biden's open border policy cannot continue. He is inviting disaster. It is the ultimate super spreader event.

Americans are being mistreated by Biden and the Democrats. The border must be closed. This is unsustainable.

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