Wednesday, April 16, 2008

John McCain Visits Bucyrus International

John McCain was in South Milwaukee today.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

John McCain, the certain Republican presidential nominee, reiterated his call today to take strong action to address the nation's sluggish economy, including measures intended to help struggling businesses and families.

"We know that America is facing challenges today," said McCain, who mentioned problems with home mortgages and job layoffs. "These are tough times now and (people) are hurting...I believe it's the responsibility of government to act quickly and decisively."

McCain's comments came a day after he unveiled a wide-ranging economic plan in Pennsylvania, which holds its presidential primary Tuesday. The visit to Bucyrus International was McCain's first to Wisconsin since winning the state's GOP primary in February and subsequently locking up the party's nomination.

With Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton locked in a delegate-by-delegate battle, McCain is able to focus on the fall campaign, including potential swing states like Wisconsin. While no Republican has won the state since Ronald Reagan in 1984, Wisconsin was among the closest in the past two elections and GOP leaders see an opening here.

McCain's visit was not open to the public. About 300 business, civic and political leaders attended, as well as members of the media.

With discussion between McCain and others, it was designed to amplify the proposals McCain made Tuesday. He has framed them as fitting his smaller-government philosophy while delivering tax-relief to middle-class families and others.

Proposals range from a "gas-tax holiday" to doubling the federal tax exemption for dependent children and offering taxpayers the chance to choose a simpler tax system.

McCain called for an end to partisan bickering. He wants Congress and the president to work together to improve the economy for the good of the country and to better the lives of the American people.

That sounds like a promise of change and a message of hope to me.

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