Sunday, June 1, 2008

Harriet Christian

Hillary Clinton supporter Harriet Christian is really ticked off at the Democrats.

To say that she's not happy about the Florida and Michigan delegates deal is an understatement.

"I'm proud to be an older American woman....

"The Democrats are throwing the election away. For what? An inadequate black male, who would not have been running had it not been a white woman that was running for president?

"And I'm not gonna shut my mouth anymore. I can be called white, but you can't be called black. That's not my America. It's equality for all of us. It's about time we all stood up for it.

"I'm no second class citizen, and God damn the Democrats....

"I came here for the vote of every American, and our Democratic Party threw us down the tubes. I was a second class citizen before, now I'm nothing. Why? Because they want to do what they want to do.

"And they think we won't turn and vote for McCain. Well, I got news for all of you: McCain will be the next president of the United States."


Harriet Christian is far from the only Hillary supporter feeling betrayed by the Democrat Party.


Neil Cavuto interviews a much calmer Harriet Christian.

She vows NOT to vote for Barack Obama if Hillary Clinton does not get the nomination.

She will NOT vote for Obama even if Hillary is on the ticket as VP.


Anonymous said...

This may be the scariest and saddest commentary I've ever seen. I felt like I'd been dumpster diving after watching the clip.

Mary said...

I understand Harriet's frustration with the Democrats. She feels betrayed by her party.

I'm sure a lot of Dem voters feel her pain.

It is sad and scary that the Dems are willing to disenfranchise the voters of Michigan and Florida.

So much for count every vote.

Anonymous said...

Nobody was disenchfranchised anymore than they would have been if a full delegation was allowed. In fact, if the situation was reversed, do you think Hillary supporters would have Obama play it out to the end? If Clinton won, that would be a possible 28 years of TWO families holding the highest office - how the hell is that a democracy? I am glad that this country is starting to push true democracy the same way sweepstakes entry companies have been enforcing for a long time: LIMIT ONE PER HOUSEHOLD.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's patently self-serving "concern" for the disenfranchisement of MI and FL voters might have been believable if she hadn't agreed to not seating them when she was winning. Even if she had gotten everything she wanted she would still be losing. She has lost. If she's such an outstanding woman she should be able to understand and accept that and make her supporters understand it as well.

The ridiculous, hysterical rant of Harriet Christian proves how delusional and out-of-touch with reality Clinton's supporters are. If you'd rather vote for a man who will overturn Roe v. Wade, keep troops in Iraq forever, start up more wars to make "regime change", and basically be Bush v. 3.0 then you are despicable and a disgrace to your party so please, by all means, resign your membership in the democratic party as well.

I've never seen such immature, petty-minded, irrational "thinking" in my life. It amounts to attempted blackmail. Here's a news flash–if your candidate was all that great she wouldn't have lost from a 30 pt. lead and just about every other advantage. Think about that for a minute. Then go vote for McSame, Judas.

anonymous said...

At one point in this country we thought it was terrible to only count black people as 3/5 of a person. Now, the Democrats only wish to count the Michigan and Florida delegates as only 1/2 a person.

Is this progress?

Also, Obama willfully took his own name off of the Michigan ballot -- he was not forced to by the party or the state. It was a political decision on his part to curry favor with the voters of Iowa and NH.

In light of this, should the DNC grant him the riches of delegates he did not earn in any way. Those 50 plus Michigan delegates (only counted as a 1/2) are a pure gift to Obama.

Ah, but to paraphrase Stalin, it is not those who cast the votes that determine elections, it is those who count the votes.

Unknown said...

They are ripping the Democratic party apart and I'm sitting back enjoying it! Hellary is EVIL!

Anonymous said...

I actually found myself at a bar sitting next to Harriet Christian shortly after she made that comment. Harriet has the Hillary Clinton tattoo. Harriet says, you want to see my new tattoo? So, she hikes up her dress and sure enough, there’s Hillary on her inner thigh. You know who this is don't you? This here's Hillary Clinton. Bet you can't guess who’s tattooed on my other leg, she says, hiking her dress even further. I look at her other thigh, but the likeness escapes me. I don't recognize the other face, I said. But I'd know that one in the middle anywhere – that there's Sandy Berger:

Anonymous said...


You Hillar and Harriet are delusional. Hillary never complained about the sanctions against MI and FL until it was in her interest to do so. She even acknowledged specifically that MI didnt count. So apre me with the count every vote -- this is not a civil rights issue. What is with the race baiting from old white women from NY anyway? Let ferraro and this nut go vote for Mccain because Hillary didnt win -- we dont need them frankly.

Christine said...

People like this make me absolutely sick. "An inadequate black male, who would not have been running had it not been a white woman that was running for president?" ??????? Barack Obama is one of the most intelligent people I know. He has earned this nomination and deserves it more than Hillary. This lady - Harriet - needs to wake up (along with Hillary and all of her other racist supporters) and realize she LOST FAIR AND SQUARE. Obama WILL BE the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GO OBAMA!!!

Christine said...

People like this make me absolutely sick. "An inadequate black male, who would not have been running had it not been a white woman that was running for president?" ??????? Barack Obama is one of the most intelligent people I know. He has earned this nomination and deserves it more than Hillary. This lady - Harriet - needs to wake up (along with Hillary and all of her other racist supporters) and realize she LOST FAIR AND SQUARE. Obama WILL BE the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GO OBAMA!!!

Mary said...

Obama will win the nomination, and because he's certain to win the nomination it strikes me as so self-destructive of the Dems to have made the delegate deal they did.

I think it's interesting that Obama supporters are discrediting Harriet.

Afraid to acknowledge her anger?

If Obama is such a strong candidate and such a uniter, what do you have to fear?

Certainly, not Harriet and those like her. Lay off the woman.

Disgruntled Hillary supporters may come around or they may be happy with McCain.

Who knows?

I think Obama has to promise to give Hillary a prominent cabinet post or a spot on the Supreme Court to pacify them. Maybe then some will back Obama. Maybe not.

Who knows?

I can't speak for Hillary supporters, anonymous 4:35 PM, June 01, 2008, but I am not delusional. I think the delusion can be found among those believing that the Democrats will unite and be one big happy family under one great big tent.

Anonymous said...

I salute her for having guts! I have immigrated to this great country 13 years ago as a teen. And let me tell you this... As an outsider with a balanced view-point, who doesn't fall under the category of a "typical White person" who had no concept of White Vs. Black racism prior to coming here, I feel her frustration. I have witnessed more racism coming from Blacks than I have from Whites during my tenure here and I am also from NYC. Sadly, it is becoming all too frequent where Blacks are held to a lower standard under the similar conditions where Whites are a part of the process. Not fair. It's hard to see how messed up this is, unless you step back and take a broader look, and think of the future of this great Nation.

Anonymous said...

The talk by Clinton supporters of "disenfranchised voters" is the most infuriating of all.

Clinton's position on Michigan is that she should get credit for 328,151 votes and Obama should get ZERO. While trying to claim a 328,151 to 0victory, she argues that her voters are being "disenfranchised".

I suppose disenfranchisement only matters when applied to voters who agree with you.

Ronnie Bruno said...

"Steve Ballmer said...

They are ripping the Democratic party apart and I'm sitting back enjoying it! Hellary is EVIL!"

Well have a good time in Amerihell under McCain rule.

Anonymous said...

White women are just going to have to accept it: their time is past. White folks are a declining majority and are just going to have to get used to it, as the new head of the NAACP explained. The black/brown alliance of blacks and Mexicans will change America from a white culture to a colored culture and their just ain't going to be any white women president ... ever.

Kinda sad, actually. All the educated white women have spent the last 40 years aborting their babies--sucking their brains out, some of them--and now, not only are they a soon-to-be minority, they are also never going to be "in charge".

It didn't work, y'all. Your time is over. Just get off the stage, OK? Let a better race of people take over, one that doesn't devour their young in search of a better job and more money.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are edelusional here.

The Republicans used the exact same 1/2 delegate penalty.

Stop complaining that this is about the DNC doing something unilaterally when both major parties use the exact same punishment for jumping up the calendar.

There are rules. Changing the rules later on is cheating.

Louis D said...

i believe both canditates are very competent.
I do believe Hillary to be slightly better with economical issues, also I believe she is hungrier to seat this post and in light of our common situation, that might not be such a bad thing.

Louis, NYC

Mary said...

Leroy, that is really lame.

As an Obama supporter, you're not much of a uniter. Your idea of change is based on divide and conquer.

Are you trying to anger Hillary supporters?

If so, well done.

Mary said...

There are rules. Changing the rules later on is cheating.

It's so funny to hear Dems talk about playing by the rules and not moving the bar.

I can't help but flash back to Gore and the 2000 election.

Dems live by changing and/or ignoring the rules.

Manipulating the Constitution as a living document is a prime example.


Anonymous said...

The issue in the upcoming election is the Supreme Court. The next President will make appointments that may well tip the balance for years to come. The risk of a Scalia/Thomas/Alito-like justices for the next 20 -30 years will change America in ways we have never imagined. Any Democratic voter, especially a woman voter who would vote for McCain out of vengence or anger, is voting against their (her) own best interests; think the right to choose and so on.

Leaving aside the fact that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama both agreed to the rules before the primary started, Democrats need to slow down and think about what is at stake. This is bigger than any one individual. It would behoove Democrats all to remember what the country risks in a McCain Presidency.

Anonymous said...

racism is not the way to cure racism. overpopulation is more dangerous to our future than abortion. white women haven't even begun to flex their power. Pray for a world where color and gender don't matter, not one where vicious elites compete for power.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase a Supreme Court Justice questioning an Al Gore lawyer in 2000 about hanging chads "Why isn't the standard for counting a vote whatever the instructions (on the ballot) say?"

Once again the Dems look to change the rules. (which has been mentioned here) Why are they having these meetings when the Dem party of FL and MI we told if they didn't move their dates up the delegates wouldn't be seated?

Anonymous said...

"have witnessed more racism coming from Blacks than I have from Whites during my tenure here and I am also from NYC"

Trying going to WV, KY or anywhere in the deep south if you want to see white racism

Anonymous said...

I think that everyone needs to go to each candidates website and thoroughly what each plans to do as president AND HOW THEY PLAN TO ACCOMPLISH IT-
Obama really does not have clear cut plans on how he's going to pay for all of his 'PLANS'-
I think that alot individuals that support Obama are delusional-Remember this, if Obama becomes President of the US, the Iraq war is going to look like a walk in the park! I'm frightened-and most of you should be as well-

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am 100 percent in agreement with Harriet Christian. I have been a democrat and voted democrat all of my entire voting life. But I can assure you that if Hillary loses the nonimation to this cheating, you can bet I will be changing my party affiliation and voting for John McCain for President. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of a candidates skin. Obama was not on the ballot in MI by his own choosing and yet the Dem party just handed him 59 votes he never received. This is AMERICA of the people and by th people NOT of and by the Democratic party.

Furthermore, Obama received many votes in the primary contest long BEFORE this stuff came out about Wright and Farrakhan and the hate mongers that Obama associates with. One has to wonder how many of the votes would be different had this information come out earlier and Obama had not received a free pass from the media. There is no longer democracy in the democratic party.

I pray people are not ignorant enough to vote for Obama just to have a black man in office. There are plenty of experienced and worthy people of color who would be excellent candidates. Obama however, is NOT one of them. If Obama winds up getting elected he will be adding the President of Iran and terrorist leaders to his list of already seedy associates. Scary indeed!

Anonymous said...

To the person with the "f" word post and filthy and sexually explicit language, it is people like you who perpetuate the racism that exists today. Ghetto talk only turns off more people and flames racism, and does nothing to heal it. But you must be one of those members of that Trinity Church. Very Sad. It is behavior like yours that will cause Obama to lose the election.

Anonymous said...

Leroy, your comment actually helped me make up my mind. My problem with Obama is that he posed in the beginning as a "Uniter and not a Divider" but now it appears his "true colors" are showing. Obama is causing more division among races thaan ever before. In fact I see more racism now on both sides than I did in the 60's. I was in the South and marching for Civil Rights. I fear if Obama gets in we will never be a united country again. One thing American black folks need to consider is that countless black Americans have fought for this country when Obama was living in Indoneisa and attending Muslim schools. He was born in Hawaii shortly after Hawaii became a State, and then lived in Indonesia. Obama has no clue as to what it was like to have faced racism in the American South. He has no clue what it was like to be a poor struggling black man. He came up in Hawaii, Indonesia and then Harvard. The man has darker skin than a white man but he is no brother and he ain't no Christian.

Anonymous said...

If she wants to leave the party then I say good riddens. She was obviously on the wrong side of the aisle anyway. NO BIGOTS ALLOWED!

Anonymous said...

Where to start with this post:

"I am 100 percent in agreement with Harriet Christian. I have been a democrat and voted democrat all of my entire voting life. But I can assure you that if Hillary loses the nonimation to this cheating, you can bet I will be changing my party affiliation and voting for John McCain for President. . ."

Have you not been reading the paper? I know you are looking at the blogs because you are writing on one. To say what is going on is cheating is just plain wrong and misguided.

What Mrs. Clinton has propsed is changing the rules of the nominating process. It is that simple. Your anger is so misplaced. The Democratic party did exactly what the Republican Party did to Florida.

Michigan is anohter story. Quite frankly, the Democratic leadership did a dis-service to the voters in that state. At least the Florida legislature is runby the Republicans, though the Democrats did vote for moving up the primary, but in Michagan it was the Democratic legislature and the Governor who passed the legislation to move things up.

In any event the argument for disenfranchisement is wrong. I would urge you to look at which demonstrates that the real voters being disenfranchised are those who did not vote in the Florida and Michigan primaries because they believed the candidates; yes even including Mrs. Clinton, who said the votes would not count.

So, dear lady, if you want to be angry and vote for Mr. McCain, understand the ramifications. As I said earlier, the issue is the Supreme Court. If you want to lose what little rights we have after 8 years of the current administration, then vote for the candidate that does not reflect the views of Mrs. Clinton. That would be your mistake.

I am reminded about something my mother told me many years ago. It is something about cutting off a nose. . .

pd littlesmith

Anonymous said...

Harriet Christian is absolutely correct in her statements!!! Our Democratic Party has not been fair... Even in light of 4 counts of Obama's BAD ASSOCIATIONS... I don't want a President who rubs elbows with people who curse "America" and are responsible for "Wishing more Americans were killed in the Bomgings"!!!!! Come on... Are you a bunch of sick people without a brain????? Is this what you want for your country????

I will vote Republican if you choose to ignore the warnings you have been given!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous... You must know a lot about "Dumpster" Diving!!! you statement is ridiculous... You must be an Oboma Lover!!! I feel like God is putting the United States to a test... Maybe the last test we will ever be able to have a "Choice"... for our Freedom!! You want to rub shoulders with the "Haters" of our America... go right ahead with your "Dumpster" diving... that is where you will find what you are looking for!!!

Anonymous said...

pd littlesmith

I understand your concerns about the Supreme Court justice nominations if we vote for McCain. And yes, as a democrat, I am concerned about that, BUT that is NOT my only concern by far.

My TOP priority is not issues like whether we have the right to abortion or gays have a right to marry. I have a choice as to whether or not to get pregnant. BUT if we have a president who is capable of looking over his shoulder at people who hate America, and who is willing to "talk and negotiate" with raving lunatics who seek to destroy Americaa, Isreal and life as we know it, then I would say that is a much great problem than Gay rights, Abortion Rights etc: For all we know Obama could be a closet Muslem that could have women wearing burkas. He and his associates certainly are Muslim sympathizers at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ronnie...
You know who is really evil? The many "Evil" Associates of Oboma!! Apparently you don't watch "Fox" news... You must be a "Womanizer"... You even have your picture posted to show who you "supposedly" are... You look like an intelligent person... but apparently pictures are deceiving!! People like you are what makes our country a cesspool...!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now here ya go. Obama resigns from his controversial church. But the reason he says is because he wants to protect the church from the media circus, and that members of the church go to worship. WORSHIP????? Screaming and cheering on crazy preachers with hate messages is WORSHIP??? WORSHIP OF WHO AND WHAT??? GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK! HE IS NOT LEAVING THE CHURCH BECAUSE HE DENOUNCES ALL THE HATEFUL CRAP THAT IS BEING SPEWED THERE. Like others here I am a democrat but not for long. It's all about a political game and has nothing to do with the will of the people. Obama gets the nonimantion and Hillary will stand with the party. If she had any sense she would run as an Independant. I'm done with it and will be changing my party affiliation. Obama is too pro Palestinian and too close to people who are crazy and hateful.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Harriet!!!!

Anonymous said...

Harriet just said what a lot of people are thinking or have said among friends and close company but afraid to say anything in public that will be twisted as being racist. But I guess it is ok for Obamas friends to be racist against people with skin of a lighter color. One of these days there will be no democrat and republican, just the dark and light partys. Guess we have not come as far as we all had hoped. There is more racism than ever only not whites hating people of color as much as blacks hating whites. Obama will only make it more so. He will go down in history as th great divder. By the way, my grandfather is not responsible for slavery in the American South cuz they didn't even live in America then.

Blue Sun said...

In Michigan, we will never know how many tens or hundreds of thousands of voters didn't go to the polls, both because their own candidates names were not on the ballot and because, as even Hillary assured New Hampshire voters a few months earlier, Michigan would not count.

If Hillary gets her vote totals and delegates - whether Obama gets the Undecideds or not - countless Michiganders who would have come out to the polls and voted if it had been a legitimate primary with all names on the ballot will be disenfranchised.

Florida is a similar case. Although all names were on the ballot, the voters were told that the primary wouldn't count, so there is really NO way to know how many simply sat it out rather than waste their time on a meaningless beauty contest.

There are only two fair ways to have handled this debacle:

1) Discount both primaries, as the DNC had decreed, and as Hillary and all the other candidates had pledged to abide by. This way, though voters are disenfranchised, it is a burdon at least shared by ALL Michigan and Florida voters, not just some, as is now the case.

2) Hold a new primary in each state with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the ballot. Give both candidates an adequate time to campaign in both states.

Remember that in January, when the two non-primaries were held, Hillary had been the front-runner for a year and few people knew much at all about Barack Obama. With neither candidate campaigning, Hillary still had a tremendously unfair advantage.

It should be noted that Howard Ickes, who is now crying crocodile tears for the poor Hillary voters who will be disenfranchised was one of the people who originally voted to disqualify Michigan and Florida for violating the DNC primary rules.

It should also be noted that Terry McAuliffe, who is also whining about the poor disenfranchised voters was the chairman of the DNC in 2004 when Michigan also tried to jump the gun. Instead of talking compassionately about disenfranchised voters, McAuliffe angrily told Michigan Senator Carl Levin that if Michigan broke the rules it would threaten the very stability of the system and threatened that the closest to the convention the Michigan delegation would get was to watch it on TV.

Funny how their sympathies for the poor disenfranchised voters broke out the minute Hillary was in trouble.

The behavior of the Clinton campaign is nauseating enough to knock a buzzard off a guts wagon.

I'm going to be sick...

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is that I'm just a voter. I don't know about all of the twists and turns and rules that the DNC votes on. What I do know, is that I'm an American with the right to vote. I went to the polls and voted for Hillary Clinton. I don't need to see a candidate in person who comes to campaign to know who my preferred candidate is. There is plenty of information on the web and the media to make an informed decision. I went to the polls the day of the election and when the polls were open. I exercised my right as an American only to be told my votes doesn't matter.

It is not my fault that these rules were made or voted on. I'm just a voter who chose to take the time off work and cast my vote for my candidate. I blame the democratic party for not counting my vote. I am not a 1/2 person and I did not cast a 1/2 vote.

The DNC has manipulated this primary and will attempt to manipulate the general election. I agree with those who say they are dropping the DNC and voting for McCain.

I am tired of the whole thing. Why have an election if the vote doesn't count? It reminds me of back when Saddam Hussein said her had elections in Iraq and won 100 percent of the vote. Sure anyone can win when the election is fixed. The whole thing is a big joke.

Mary said...

anonymous, 3:49 PM, June 02, 2008:

What you wrote is positively disgusting.

I rarely delete comments but yours is so vile that I'm removing it.

You do realize that you aren't doing Obama any favors, don't you?

Republican? Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the Clinton supporters here. They say that they feel disenfranchised and will vote Republican as a result.

Well, guess what? The Republicans think you are half a person as well as they adopted the same rules.

This whole situation reminds me of Will Farrell saying "I feel like I'm I'm taking crazy pills!" Clinton supporters are indignant because they were unsuccessful in trying to cheat the system. They say they will leave the Democats to support an anti-feminist Republican Party because Obama and the DNC did the same thing that the Republicans did. Are you all playing with a full deck here?

Look, Clinton tried to retroactively change the vote simply because she was losing. In fact, she came out ahead as Obama conceded a number of delegates in an extremely flawed election.

My only hope is that Clinton does the right thing by announcing the end of her candidacy tomorrow and imploring her supporters to help Obama win.

Anonymous said...

she should be put on the same spotlight as the father from chicago, hell, she almost quoted his sermon word for word????? it's not black or white it's common sense , if- you- are -broke - you - don't - count!!!! if you can be brain washed you will follow any master!!! take the chains off your brains please america.

Anonymous said...

All of this complaining is absolutely ridiculous and explicitly irrational. To think that you people even go as far as to compare Black people being counted as 3/5th of a person to what happened in Florida and Michigan. First off Hillary Clinton AGREED TO THE RULES back when she was running as the “presumptive nominee”…and to compare that with the African American experience constitutes a level of ignorance that I have yet to encounter before now. Wake up people!!! Hillary didn’t care about you until it was in her best interest to care. In fact she said herself that Florida and Michigan shouldn’t count because they were in “violation of the rules”.

And the notion that she has been disrespected in anyway because she’s a woman is absolutely outlandish as well. One thing is for certain…she has been treated like a Man. But isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be. I seem to recall a couple Men, one by the name of Romney and the other by the name of Huckabee, who were blatantly told to GET OUT OF THE RACE on national T.V. And another man by the name of John Edwards who had the grace to do so when the race was seemingly out of reach. If anything she has been treated with more respect then anybody else who has LOST during this primary campaign season.

Give me a break! Think for one moment…what’s far is fair.

Anonymous said...

I think what has happened with this Obama thing is that people have so much distaste for Bush that they want change so much that they are willing to vote for ANY CHANGE. That is what is very dangerous. No one knows exactly what kind of change Obama really wants but we do know the kind of company he keeps and the kind of change he wants. Do I think womans righs are important. Yes I do. But what is most important to me is more important than my gender is the fact that I am an AMERICAN and I do not want the Nation of Islam taking over my country. And I assure you Islam has nothing to do with womans rights! I will vote for McCain because he loves this country enough to have been willing to fight for what it stands for. He is not ashamed to place his hand over his heart and say the pledge of allegiance or wear a flag pin. I do not like Bush and will be glad to see his head back to Crawford. And yes I want to see positive change but NOT the kind of change Obama and his home boys want for my country!

I might add that the Germans were desparate wanting change in the 1940's and they wanted change so bad that they allowed a smooth talking charismatic guy, Adolph Hitler, that talked about change for Germany to rule their country. I recently talked to a German American who was there during that time and he said the first two yours their new leader did a lot of positive things for Germany but that all changed and we all know the end result of that.

If you want change it would be wise learn and understand exactly what kind of change your candidate wants and what he truly belives from his track record and the friends he keeps, and not just follow his rhetoric and cheer him on as if you are chering on a rock star at a concert. You are voting for the leader of the most powerful country of the free world folks. Think about it. A vote for Obama could change life as you know it. And women should think that if they are worried about feeling like second class citizens what Islam thinks of women. And if you are not black you will be come just a "tyupical white person" Obamas words describing his own grandmother!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that if a person is white they are considered to be privledged? That is a bunch of crap! My white father worked in the sweat shop factories and my white grandfather was a poor farmer. Both served in the military during WWI and II and were honored veterans. They lived through the great depression. Neither went to high school because working on the farm and helping out the family was far more important! I grew up wearing hand me down cloths and my white Mother took in ironing to help make ends meet. They NEVER complained. They WORDED for everything they have. No privelidge.

Half of my husbands family spent either their youth and young adulthood in concentration camps or they were murdered in the gas chambers. They have white skin too and no complaints from them. Those that survived are not whining about how bad they were treated in concentration camps. They knew the descrimination and anti semitism that still goes on today. They became prosperous because they took any job thy could get and they WORKED their asses off!

I got through high school but never had the money to go on to college until I was older and could pay for it and WORK for it.

My husband and I got through tough times like our parents did and we WORKED hard to send our children to college and now all of our children are college graduates. We taught our children the same thing our parents taught us and the same thing our grand parents taught them; if you want to make it in this world you have to WORK.

There will always be bigots and anti semites. So people can whine about slavery and oppression or they can get off their ass and work to better themselves and stop expecting the oppressors to appologize. They won't! Stop expecting the government to hand out money because you can't get off drugs or you are too lazy to work.

Priveledge is something you earn and something you WORK for!

Rich people are a minority, and there are plenty of struggling white people.

Obama is a Harvard grad. He got a lot of help. He is a rich man who has far more money and priveledge than Harriet Christian or the whites you call priveledged. Get over it. Get a job, stay in school, stay off drugs, make your goals more important than your need to have babies before you can support them and stop whining.

Kiko Jones said...

That's it, I'm done. I'm just sick AND fucking tired of this bullshit.

All these supporters of Sen. Clinton who threaten to vote for Sen. McCain over Sen. Obama if their candidate is not the nominee, knowing what each represents, just go right ahead. But please, do us all a favor and LEAVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY NOW. We have no use for divisive, pig-headed, intolerant racists such as yourselves. Having honest ideological and political differences with Obama is one thing, but rejecting him solely for the color of his skin, or because of blind intolerance and stupidity, as seen and heard when some Clinton supporters in W Va openly told the press, "he's a Muslim", or the latest shenanigans at the DNC's Rules & Bylaws Committee hearing, is another thing altogether. Yes, I'm talking to you, Harriett Christian. "I'm the furthest thing from a racist," says this crazy bat. NO, YOU ARE NOT. As a matter of fact, she's the WORST kind of racist: the one who thinks and acts like a racist but somehow thinks they're not. (Is this the kind of person that many denounce as being worse than all-out bigots? That at least with Nazis, white supremacists and KKKers one has no doubt where they stand and as such, can react to them accordingly, as opposed to these wolves in sheep's clothing.)

Well, ENOUGH ALREADY. This is what Sen. Clinton has sown with her race-baiting and fear-mongering, fuelled by a twisted sense of entitlement. And now we reap the dirty, polluted harvest.

I don't care what anybody says, Father Pflegel nailed it when he mocked Sen. Clinton for being pissed off at losing the nomination when, in her mind, this was hers for the taking. Especially, as many have pointed out, an election that by all accounts should be a shoo-in for the Democrats. Well, if anyone was wondering if it was possible for the Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after the most ruinous presidency in modern times, now more than ever there's a good chance Harriett Christian and her ilk will make it likely. Fine, we'll get John W. McCain in November. But I want these petty, egotistical, self-centered crybabies OUT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. I don't care if it cracks the party in two. It'll be worth it if only to rebuild and redefine the party's mission and message. And to air out the big tent: it has obviously gotten too big.

Mary said...

anonymous, 11:56 AM, June 03, 2008, you say:

"This coward, so called second class citizen had no courage to say what she really wanted to say. Nigger. Instead she calls him an inadequate black male and proclaims herself to be a victim."

Don't claim to know what Harriet wanted to say.

She said what she said. Don't put words in her mouth. Don't smear her for saying something she didn't.

Anonymous said...

KIKI JONES, Give me a break. Typical Obama, Wright and Pflegel thinking. A black can scream anti semitic and anti white racial hate and anti God damn America comments and we are all supposed to understand that this is just "a black cultural thing." But if a white person says anything at all that may be interpreted as racist then all hell breaks loose. You can't have it both ways. It is Wright, Pfleger and Obamas friends that have opened this can of worms with their "black cultural thinking" with hate against whites and it is they who are as racist and full of hate as the Nazis and the KKK and we do not need a Prsident who keeps company with the likes of them.

This Muslim thing is a hug issue to me. And talk about hiding what you are? Obama has been hiding the fact that he went to Muslim schools and he down plays the fact that his mentor Wright praises Farraakan who is the most verbal bigot on the planet. Obama knows that Wright and Farrakan went to visit Kadafy who is an enemy of the USA, and yet he continued to stay friends with these people and he never comes up front with this stuff until he is pressed by the media. Now Obama wants to go and talk and negotiate with that nut case leader of Iran who just again announced that he wants to wipe Israel and the USA off the map. Sorry Kiki, call it what you want but Obama is on the wrong side when it comes to this country's interest.

I will also vote for McCain. Keep your DNC. The new DNC will be all about the Nation Of Islam and the likes of Wright and Farakan. women will not need to worry about the right to have an abortion because they will be kept home under the veil.

Why don't you just leave the country and take Obama with you since you are not proud of this country anyway, and then you all can campaing to Obama to run for President of Iran, Hamas, or some Islanic terrorist group. Osama Bin Laden can be his VP over there. Obama.Osama has a real ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Waht I see is that Obama's church friends have brought racism back to the table. Maybe they actually think that by bringing it all out in the open it will bring negotiations or understand and eventually create better race relations. Good luck. What it has really done is fan the flames of racism. Bigotry is bigotry no matter what side of the color line it comes from. It is not about color of skin. It is about cultural differences. I predict before it is all over we will be seeing race riots and civil war and unrest like we haven't seen in the country in a very long time. I don't think this anger will go away on either side.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Marine & I'm proud to wear the flag, salute the flag, and die for my country if necessary to uphold the country and the values of my forefathers. I pray every day that the war ends but not unless we have victory and not unless I can do all I can to keep my country safe. I don't want a President who would not be willing to do the same.

Just sign me, "typical white man."

Anonymous said...

I understand Harriet's frustration. I am also an older American woman and what I have seen in this Democratic primary is that the men feel entitled, that the office of President belongs to a man any man. If Hillary would have been a black woman, it still would not have made a difference, she was still the wrong gender. It started when no one dared report anything about Sen. Obama. That was a disservice to the people of our country. Then from the beginning trying to get Hillary to leave. If it would have been another man, it would not had happened. These men have sent there daughters, wives and other women of this nation a message, that women are not good enough to be President of this country. So I will vote because it took women a long time to get the political right to vote, but I will not vote for Obama I feel he does not have the experience to lead our country. You see I remember President Bush with his little experience. So what is the difference? Bush was a governor and Obama two year senator. Neither has been in a war. Obama sure looks a lot more like Bush then McCain to me. So Harriet just spoke up for a lot of us women and men alike who feel somewhat like she does.

Anonymous said...

Why is it if a person supports Hillary you are labeled a racist supporter? Does that mean Obama's supporters can't be racist. I was brought up that there is racism in all races. So Obama people wake up you are also racist for being a supporter.

kid said...

I'm a Marine & I'm proud to wear the flag, salute the flag, and die for my country if necessary to uphold the country and the values of my forefathers. I pray every day that the war ends but not unless we have victory and not unless I can do all I can to keep my country safe. I don't want a President who would not be willing to do the same.

Just sign me, "typical white man."

3:24 PM, June 03, 2008

If you are so much of a bad ass marine why didn't you leave your name or hyperlink ? Answer you're a sockpuppet. If you're a marine you can show Rev.Wright some love.Oh yea you can't, he's not a typical white man.

Anonymous said...


Your name says it all. This forum is about an election and you obviously are not old enough to vote.

Just curious though, what are the black people called that support Hillary?

This election is supposed to be all about voting in the best quaiified leader of the largest country in the free world not about the color of the candidates skin. People supporting Obama don't even know or care about the issues. The just care about the change, rah rah, a brother is running for President.

Anyone by the way know who the guy is in the photo on the wall of his campaign headquarters. Think about it.

No matter what your skin color, if you are an American, Obama is not for you. If you have dark skin, light skin, doesn't matter. If you are Irish American, African American blah balh. You are an AMERICAN, plain and simple. and that means you should be saying God bless America not God dam America.

I would vote for Condi Rice in a NY minute and her skin is darker than Obama. But I would never vote for Obama because of what he stand for which is the same thing his curch people cheer for. Our country does not need that kind of hate no matter what color it comes from. It would be taking a giant step backward.

Mary said...

Why is it if a person supports Hillary you are labeled a racist supporter?

I've been asking the same question. White, blue-collar workers who support Hillary are demeaned by the media as "Archie Bunkers." On the flip side, when the overwhelming majority of blacks -- 90+ percent -- vote for Obama, they aren't characterized as bigots.

It's a disturbing double standard. When it comes to exploiting race, the Obama camp should look in the mirror.

To me, skin color is irrelevant. It's not Obama's skin that keeps me from supporting him. It's his ideas, his remarkable lack of experience, and his questionable judgment.

TommyMac said...

When it comes to her support for Hilary Clinton, Harriet Christian may not have a leg to stand on, but you can't accuse her of having two left feet. She's the dancingest Clinton supporter in Manhattan. Don't believe me? Check out the dance remix of her little tirade:

Anonymous said...

I just got an email from Hillary CLinton campaign (I was a supporter). She is dropping out apparently and wants her supporters to "stand behind" Obama. I guess it goes to show you that even Hillary has no scruples. She will stand behind a candidate that has a mentor and friends that "Damn America" and call white people "priveledged" even though just as many white people struggling just to get by. She may be standing behind Obama for her own career purposes and for the party politics game, but Wright, Farrakan and Pfleger are also standing behind him and NO WAY will I sell out for political games. This is way too important. Higher taxes, discrimination against whites, hate toward America has no place. I would puke if Obama won the presidency and had those creeps as guests along with that Iranian crazy to the white house. McCain all the way.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic party has made a huge mistake in pushing Obama in as the nominee. His lack of experience alone is a major probelm. I am a business owner in charge of many corporate account. When I interview for management and executive positions, experience is critical. When a resume comes across my desk and the applicant has a lot of fresh ideas, passion and a willingness to get the job done, I hire him or her, but I do not give them the top posisions. It takes longer than a few short years to prove yourself in the business world and it certainly should be a lot longer for Obama to prove himself. He should stay in the Senate and prove himself. He has not passed a lot of bills in his short time in the Senate. He should learn to get his feet wet before he is ready to occupy the White House.

Hillary has the experience and the passion, but since it seems she will not be running, then McCain is my choice as he also has the experience and he has proven himself to get things done in the Senate and shown himself to be a man of leadership.

Mary said...

I think a good number of Hillary's supporters will vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Harriet frustrated. I feel Obama is not experienced enough, has nothing to do with his white/black race. But not only will I not vote for him, I'm from New Mexico and will never vote for Mr. Bill Richardson again.

Mary said...

There's definitely a lot of anger out there.

The feelings of betrayal are undeniable.

The Obama campaign is counting on everything being forgiven and forgotten. I can't see that happening.

Anonymous said...

A party logically HAS the right to set up a schedule and ask each state to adhere to it. They erred in permitting one candidate to stay on the ballot in Michigan, while others removed their names, as they had been asked to do. Unless there is a clear sanction, what would stop another state from holding a caucus or primary a year from now, for the 2012 election. Clinton got plenty of breaks, including an initial 100 super delegate margin. I can understand Christian's frustration, but since Clinton agreed to the DNC rules, I fail to see how she can later be excused from them. Clinton took some shots, but she gave some hard shots to Obama, speaking of "White working class voters" being just one of them. So she is hardly a timid flower in need of anyone's protection.

Anonymous said...

Does the Democratic Party really believe that we are going to unite? I guess they're hoping that if they say it often enough it will come through. I don't think so, maybe in their dreams. I can't vote for Obama because of his lack of experience, if he had the experience to go with the talk it be different. Wow, I just a shot from my past, Jane Fonda clip. Remains me of the other infamous war. Yes I'm that old. I experienced Viet Nam as a nurse. So much for old haunts, but I do it again in a heart beat.

Mary said...

I think McCain is a moderate enough alternative for many Hillary supporters to back.

Anonymous said...

Well it appears that the gloves have come off. Well I hope experience wins over no experience. I don't need a man in office in training, so as a child he lived in another country, and traveled around as a college student. So what, that still doesn't give him the experience. Obama supporters have yet to make a case for him, but as they say he's young and charismatic many still haven't gotten past that. I like to know how he is going to implement all these changes and how he is going to pay for them.

Mary said...

I hope by November a majority of Americans realize that youth and charisma aren't enough.

Obama is not JFK. In terms of the issues, McCain resembles Kennedy more than Obama does.

Anonymous said...

Hell hath no fury like a voter scorned. When the Democratic party is willing to compromise its principals of enfranchisement and a secret ballot I would expect no less outrage from Americans. Harriet Christian is a patriot.

Anonymous said...

Today, as I was waiting for the bus I had an Obama supporter start talking to me about how wonderful it's going to be when he is elected. So I took the opportunity to question her about these so call changes and how he was planning to pay for them all. What I gathered from her is she doesn't have the slightest idea as to how he will implement these changes let alone how he plans to pay for them, but it going to be good changes. When we approached the Iraq war and how he plans to withdraw the troops. I asked, what if he withdraw the troops and Iran seeks the opportunity to invade Iraq, what will he do then? Her expression was like who cares? So I asked how come the Democrats were so unhappy with Pres. Bush, after all I told her they should be happy because the Democrats control congress. So all the blame isn't the presidents'. Maybe the Democrats should step up to the plate and be counted for their share of the blame. Needless to say she call me a choice name and showed me her intelligent finger. Too bad such a waste with some of todays youth, they're old enough to vote, but many don't have common sense or decency.

Mary said...

Congress has lower approval ratings than President Bush.

People do blame Congress. The media just don't emphasize those poll numbers. They're too busy trying to get Obama elected.

john robbins said...

harriet. i,m proud of you. thanksnpwfqxt

Anonymous said...

In my opinion this Harriet lady is very sad, and it's scary to see such anger build up in people. I will not judge her though and excuse her actions by saying god is working on her...she's under construction! God bless her, ecspecially on November 4th, because she's really going to be unhappy. GO OBAMA!

Anonymous said...

It is sad.
Fortunately, her vote was unnecessary for an electoral landslide in Obama's favor.