Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama Supporters' T-Shirts: 'Sarah Palin is a C---'

For days now, we've heard about the rage exhibited by supporters attending McCain-Palin rallies.

Of course, you'll never hear the lib media admit this, but rage and ugliness are boiling over on the Left. Hateful rhetoric and displays directed at Sarah Palin are carried out by Barack Obama's supporters with impunity.

Many are in a state of full blown Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Wake Up America wonders where the media are in condemning the hate and slurs thrown at Palin.

On WUA, a photo of four Obama supporters standing in front of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Philadelphia shows them wearing t-shirts that read, "Sarah Palin is a c---."

The media are ignoring horrible slams like this, but God help anyone daring to say a disparaging word against Obama.

One or two loons spit out something reprehensible at a McCain-Palin event and suddenly the rallies are nothing but hate fests attended by explosive, hateful people. And McCain and Palin are to blame for stoking the alleged pervasive rage.

When the slurs are directed at the Republicans, however, no problem. Those are deserving expressions of truth in the world of the Leftists.

Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, where are you?

Where's your outrage that Sarah Palin, a woman of such tremendous accomplishments, is being demeaned like this?

I want to know if Gandy and NOW will speak out against Palin's attackers.

Will they condemn the people who are using offensive terms and images to express their hate for Palin?

These individuals aren't just attacking Palin. They're attacking women.

Here's a shirt for those well-dressed Obama supporters looking to make a real statement:

Here's another:

This one calls Palin a whore:

One more:

I could go on. I will.

The point is Palin is being brutally attacked, and in a fashion that is degrading to women in general.

But apparently, Kim Gandy is OK with that.

CNN and the Washington Post and Frank Rich of the New York Times and Ted Koppel aren't fretting over the possibility that the treatment of Sarah Palin may result in increased violence toward women. They aren't worrying about the consequences of the Left's unbridled rage.

Very revealing.

The hypocrisy is stunning.

Rage. Tell me about it.


From Politico:

The ridiculously industrious Jake Tapper asks who the people are who showed up outside a Palin event in Philadelphia with t-shirts whose neon green lettering carried a particularly taboo slur about Palin.

I mentioned the shirts in passing earlier, and one of their creators, emailing under the name Rhiannon Volpe, objected to my suggestion that she was a Democrat:
I personally am a registered Libertarian, supporting Obama this year. Palin is the last woman I want to hold a political office right now. Her lack of common sense, cruel treatment to animals, and just plain ignorance to what we (Americans, and even women) really care about is absolutely frustrating. The point of wearing the shirt to me is just a bold way of saying that she certainly is not liked or one of "us." To play the gender card is irrelevant, because I am a woman who wears the tshirt anyway.

She added that McCain had, allegedly, used the word himself, "so is it really that offensive?" And she said none of the people pictured were Democrats.

She's also selling the shirts online, part of a line of ironical Philly hipster gear.


Anonymous said...

As a woman I find the "c" word to be the most offensive word in the english language. It just goes to show the kind of trash we have in society. If Obama is okay with this type of disgusting display, he should not even be allowed to run for president.

Anonymous said...

I guess every printing press operator who is trying to sell t-shorts must be on either campaigns payroll?

I find that word apprehensible as well and am a man and former marine who vouched to serve this country honorably.

Once you start down the road of vitriolic language as McCain and Palin are doing on a continuous basis supporters of the opposing party want to defend their candiate as well.

Senator McCain has to stop what he and Palin have started and get back onto the issues. Sen. Obama was smarter than McCain as he waited with his mud to get hit in face first. Who likes a bully and that's what McCain's campaign has turned into and all people who were affected by bullies growing up understand you have to finally punch back at a bully to get them to leave you along.

Mary said...


I, too, find that slur to be terribly offensive.

What's Obama doing to rein in the ugly rhetoric from his camp?

What's he doing to control the rage of his followers?

As far as I can tell, nothing.

I do think Obama has the right to run for president, but I certainly don't think he should be elected.

Mary said...


T-shirts like these were available well before McCain and Palin mentioned Bill Ayers.

I highlighted one anti-Palin shirt in a post back on September 20.

It's inaccurate to say that the shirts are the outgrowth of vitriolic rhetoric coming from the McCain campaign.

The Left's rage has been festering for 8 years. Since Obama secured the nomination, it has exploded.

This ugliness is nothing new. For years, I've documented the Left's viciousness on this blog.

Don't blame McCain and Palin.

Anonymous said...

Once you start down the road of vitriolic language as McCain and Palin are doing on a continuous basis supporters of the opposing party want to defend their candiate as well.

I know you are but what am I.

Besides being complete BS, this statement is an example of what a bunch of juveniles Obama supporters are.

These people will rationalize their hate any way they can.

Anonymous said...

i don't know a lil dirty talk when in bed with your woman is a sure fire way to light her fire and get her to ride you like a mare.

I find the last shirt funny cause they play her off as a bitch so why not.

McCain did start the rhetoric, however Mary darling you are wrong about one thing. One of the companies selling the shirts in my area is a republican owned company, who is doing it because its for the money babe. capitalist society. so stop being so ignorant.

Mary said...

"anonymous," 12:44 PM, October 13, 2008--

First, thanks for calling me "darling" instead of a c---. I appreciate that.

Second, McCain did not start the hostile rhetoric. The hateful, angry, and demeaning rhetoric has been coming from the Left, including elected Dems speaking from the floor of the House and Senate, for the past 8 years.

Furthermore, IF your claim is true, that a company owned by Republicans is selling similar shirts, then I think they would be wise to reexamine their business policies.

But as you said, it's about money. For some people, that's all that matters.

Of course, if there were not a market for the shirts, if consumers weren't buying them, no one would be making and selling them. You have to admit that McCain-Palin supporters are not the buyers.

jenstillinak said...

It is completely unacceptable that these shirts are for sale. If they are going to print these up, then they need to have 'Obama is a Jigaboo', I refuse to use the 'N' word.
Sexism is NOT more acceptable than racism.

Anonymous said...

CNN and the Washington Post and Frank Rich of the New York Times and Ted Koppel aren't fretting over the possibility that the treatment of Sarah Palin may result in increased violence toward women. They aren't worrying about the consequences of the Left's unbridled rage.

The same could be said about the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant tactics McCain's campaign is using in order to raise questions amongst undecided voters, the Repub base and unstable fringe elements.

McCain/Palin haven't seemed to be all that concern with the agenda they're pushing that "all muslims should be suspected of having terrorist ties." Nobody seems to worry that pumping crowds with this mentality might cause a violent spill-over.

I think those shirts are horrible, absolutely unacceptable. Let's not be naive though, Repubs have been making all sorts of prejudiced & sexist merch, about Obama and Clinton, since the race to the presidency began.

Anonymous said...

I am just apalled at the dirtiest run campaign by the Democrats I've ever witnessed. All communication outlets except FOX, are doing everything possible to smear the Republican ticket. Only lately have they mentioned "tidbits" about Obama's relationship to Acorn and Communist, Bill Ayer's and his wife, and the others. The media takes every step to squash anything remotely related to Obama's mysterious past. The media and the Dem's are complaining about airing Obama's ties to Ayers, and yet the abuse that Sarah Palin has had to endure for the last several weeks has been unfathomable. The media, chooses to understate this issue, but raises a stark contrast to the Obama issues on Ayers,and Annenburg. Please see:

Acorn has registered illegals, convicted felons, duplicate and fictional people to vote in this election. Where is the justice? This is most flagrant abuse of power I've seen. It is not Sarah Palin who has abused her power to fire an employee who used a tazer on a 10 year child. The abuse of power is in the Democrat's in getting things brushed under the carpet. That's an abuse of the democratic process and I'm angry!

Anonymous said...

This story is hardly even newsworthy. Its an immature t-shirt worn by people who are fed up with republicans in general.
It is a disater, that many Americans are paralyzed in front of FOX news concerned about a four letter word, while on and off advertising about healthcare and medicin convey a far more important message.

A majority of the people watching FOX for information need major reform of the healthcare system and a breath of fresh air in perception of government and its obligations and as a consequence a more suitable climate to debate national issues.
I am a european. Its not a paradise here but its not a communist paradise here either. Throwing around socialist and communist labels just kicks you back to the 50's. Kick yourself into the future people and get a government that will actually care about its people. On this side of the Atlantic, Socialist and Conservative governments alike find it horrendous that you have more than 45 millon people without health insurance. Censor the word cunt as much as you want. But you are wasting time. Are you a republican then work to refurbish a sinking ship. Alternatively build a brand new one. There may be land in sight, but its a heavy elephant out there on the blue seas.

Anonymous said...

And my spelling can be a disaster sometimes.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

This story is hardly even newsworthy."

But if Republicans were wearing tshirts saying "Obama is a N****r" there would be riots in the street.

As you mentioned, you are a European. As such, you are fundamentally unqualified to criticize a republican form of government such as ours. You don't understand it because you don't have a history of freedom. So go giggle about the "C" tshirts with your long as your government ALLOWS you to do so.

Anonymous said...

Fundamentally I don't believe anybody is unqualified to comment on anything.

Republican way of government is not a uniform thing, ask John McCain, he is not soon keen on association with the current president.

I don't have a history of freedom? No, my country is a monarchy, and the monarchs used to rule and do as they pleased. ... (That was a long time ago.)

Freedom as a word is a joke if you are trying to pay of a cancer bill in real life.

Anonymous said...

I prefer being able to go to my doctor when I need to go. I don't like the idea of waiting until my government tells me when I can go. If there were a socialized health plan, like those in Canada, France, and England, the citizens wouldn't have the freedom to go to the doctor and worry about the bills later. This country has plans that help people who do not have insurance. For those who don't, doctors and hospitals work with them and often discount their services. If there weren't so many illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants for you liberals), our healthcare costs wouldn't be so high, our insurance costs wouldn't be so high, and the free clinic would be available to those who need it. Instead, if I broke my arm and needed to go to the ER, I would have to wait anywhere from 3 hours to more than 24 hours because illegals are using the service and giving false information so they can skip the bill, and in the end, my fellow tax-paying citizens and I have to foot the bill. I will take my private insurance over socialism, but thank you for your ridiculous suggestion, Mr. European.

Oh, and maybe we need to go back to the 50's. At least then we'd have some self respect as a country, our children would be respectful, and global warming bs wouldn't be shoved down our throats.

Anonymous said...

What do illegal immigrants do when they are not preying on your health care? They work crap jobs 24/7 to send money back home. But the money made is largely channeled around the tax system, and they don't contribute to it. Blaming workers for this and not shady employers is hardly fair.
Xenophobia as a countermeasure will get you nowhere. Building walls in the desert will get you nowhere. Especially since your economy is in ruins.
Unfortunately it is the beaten path for failing states.

Anonymous said...

The same could be said about the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant tactics McCain's campaign is using in order to raise questions amongst undecided voters, the Repub base and unstable fringe elements.

Prove it. You can't. You're lying. Period.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy these shirts?
They're COOL.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they were Republicans pretending to be Obama supporters. You know the old saying...... if u cant beat them.... join them

Anonymous said...

Bros before Hos is a remake of anti-Clinton T-shirts as I'm sure the B*#ch ones are, so it isn't a lib thing, just stupid. Hopefully they will not show up at Obama rallies.

Maven said...

It's amazing to me what hypocritical cry-babies you Republican can be. You've spent the entire campaign wallowing in crude, vile behavior, but the MOMENT that any of it gets throw back at you, it's all tears and "OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MEAN YOU DEMOCRATS ARE!!!111" Shut up and grow a pair. Don't dish it out unless you're able to take it.

K McKiernan said...

Its despicable. But, its not new to Palin. Do you not remember the signs and T-shirts from men in Hillary Clinton crowds: "Iron My Shirts!"

Men across both parties can be pigs; women who want to usurp male roles in order to attain power can be pigs. It signals a larger gender crisis.

Mary said...

K, among the people in the photo of the four Obama supporters wearing the offensive t-shirts, one is a woman.

A woman is wearing a shirt that calls Palin a c---.

It's sick.

I remember when Hillary was confronted with "Iron my shirt!" I spoke out in her defense.

Anonymous said...

Why do you speak like Obama and McCain made the shirts themselves? This is just an example of their supporters being inappropriate, and doesn't reflect the direct will of either candidate. I agree that these shirts are inappropriate but we have to be sure to lay the blame where blame is due, and that isn't on the candidates themselves. I'm sure that association with these t-shirts is probably the last things they'd want associated with their names in such a close election.