Monday, June 15, 2009

Fire David Letterman: Protest

There's an organized movement to get David Letterman fired. John Ziegler is behind the protest.

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John Ziegler thinks Letterman's obsession with Sarah Palin is creepy.

JOHN ZIEGLER: Letterman clearly has some sort of weird agenda with Gov. Palin and her family. I think he has a creepy sexual desire for Sarah Palin, and he's basically admitted that on the air....

His apology, Megyn, was so self-serving, so absurd, to the point where he was basically joking that Todd should stay home when he invites Gov. Palin on his show. Again, I believe, and I ask you to look at the tape, that indicates David Letterman has some sort of weird sexual fantasy about Gov. Palin.

I don't think Letterman's obsession with Sarah Palin is rooted in any "weird sexual fantasy." I think it's all about his Leftist derangement.

Whatever it is, Letterman's Palin jokes aren't funny.



Unknown said...

Fire Letterman? That way out there. This whole thing has an opportunist angle.

Letterman used The Governors NYC trip as a joke board. No problem.

In not being specific about which daughter he stepped into the crap his mouth spews. This begs an apology on two counts.

Sarah would have been better served contacting Letterman's people stating her displeasure. Not sure if the Obama Media approached her or what, a "I'm addressing this issue directly" would have been more appropriate IMHO.

So now its some ratings bonanza for Letterman, and some good line of sight for Gov. Sarah. And the Obama media gets to move focus from the destruction of our Healthcare and loss of other freedoms.

Fire letterman? Nope, just stop watching. I voted with my remote years ago...

Mary said...

Imus was fired for a lot less than what Letterman has said about Palin.

I was against Imus getting the axe and I'm against the firing of Letterman.

As you said, vote with the remote.

Anonymous said...

You sure write a lot of stuff on this blog pretty much every day and they are all very long. Do you have a job?

Mary said...

Click on my profile for more about me.

Unknown said...


She probably doesn't hunt and peck, not to mention she writes in a conversational style with Passion. As such, one of her postings, with research, possibly take as long as your formulated response.

Mary said...

You're correct, Lee. I know how to type.

Anonymous said...

Lee you are crazy!