Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jake Sinderbrand

Jake Sinderbrand, son of Judge Maryann Sumi, poses a bit of a problem for his mother.

Son of Sumi touts his work for the AFL-CIO and SEIU.

He has developed his professional political experience serving as a lead field manager with the AFL-CIO and as data manager for the SEIU State Council through the 2008 election cycle.

Check out Jake on Facebook.

Look at his profile picture.

Read his wall.

Here's a nice comment from Judge Sumi's son about Governor Scott Walker:
Forget the Marquette transcripts--I wonder how this guy passed kindergarten math

This one requires an explicit language warning:

RIP middle class--Wisconsin has officially become the Tea Party's laboratory for plutocracy. This is the beginning of the end unless we can get these fuckers out of office. 299 days to recall; please do what you can to fight this travesty.

Sinderbrand calls Governor Walker "McCarthy Jr." as he counts down the days to a recall election.

Even Republican pollsters are showing that Wisconsin opposes union-busting (and Republican papers are reporting it). 363 days and counting until McCarthy Jr. is recalled.

The son of Sumi, AFL-CIO and SEIU employee, clearly has strong opinions on Governor Walker and the budget repair bill. He has an agenda.

Does the apple fall far from the tree?


Note: Carl Sinderbrand, husband of Maryann Sumi, lists Jake Sinderbrand as family on his Facebook page.

Carl also lists "Left Field Strategies," Jake's firm, under Activities and Interests.


UPDATE: Carl Sinderbrand removed "Left Field Strategies" from his Activities and Interests.

Also, content from Jake Sinderbrand's "Left Field Strategies" site has been removed and the header has been replaced with this:


UPDATE, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Bloggers use son to attack judge in union bargaining case


Who's "using" Jake Sinderbrand to "attack" Sumi?

There's no exploitation here. It's not an "attack" to point out the truth and inform.

I prefer to view the information about Sinderbrand as a revelation. It's enlightening. No attacks here.

By using such terms, it's clear that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is attempting to spin and do damage control for the Sinderbrand family and Judge Sumi. The bias is evident.


UPDATE: Carl Sinderbrand's Political Contributions


Cindy K. said...

Great job getting Sinderbrand's Facebook content!

Jack Rose said...

That's why she issued the TRO on pure procedural grounds. She didn't address the merits of the bill, just the fact that rules were broken in getting it railroaded through.

Unknown said...

Eye opening. Good research!

sb said...


But Seriously said...

A very little bit of online digging will also find that it this Judge's Husband also appears to be a member of a law firm that markets itself as an advocate for representing union public employees in collective bargaining...

He also appears to be the chair of "Clean Wisconsin", a group lobbying against the budget bill based on the recycling provisions. Such and activist family it certainly isn't suprising this judge appears to want to legislate from the bench for a law that may effect her direct family in such a large way.

Harvey Finkelstein said...

All of your tenacity is paying off!

And now mentioned on Rush! Yowser!

Mary said...


Mary said...