Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breitbart in Madison, 'Go To Hell' (Video)

Andrew Breitbart was in Madison today at the Tax Day rally.

While introducing Sarah Palin, he delivers blistering comments, taking on union thug and remarkably frequent visitor to the White House, Richard Trumka.

Read Breitbart's account of the rally, on Big Government:

The TV cameras showing the speech caught little of this phalanx of thugs that we had to walk through. Middle fingers flew and the trendy talking point insult of “Koch Suckers!” was everywhere. Sarah Palin was called names that made me wonder if Bill Maher was writing for this mob. Apparently, women-hating sexual mockery is acceptable if directed at the right, even if that woman’s children are present.

The Wisconsin Tea Party supporters made it all worthwhile. These are men and women who have braved a battle and come through victorious not by bullying but by being part of the silent majority willing to support tough-minded, adult decision making. The message from speaker after speaker was that Wisconsin’s example of not being intimidated by the bankrupt tactics of the left is something that all Americans need to hear.

Of course, don’t expect that message to come from the mainstream media, whose sentiments are more with the union driven threat machine than the taxpayers.

As I took to the stage, the shouting from those trying to disrupt the Tea Party intensified. Inarticulate shouting becomes their last weapon as their policies crumble. I thought of the hypocritical calls for civility amidst the dishonestly cynical opportunism of blaming Sarah Palin who shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I thought of the smug entitlement of government workers demanding to keep their gold and benefits packages while the nation tightens its belt. I thought of the business owners and politicians being bullied in an official capacity by the unions and then actually threatened by zealots who took the union policies to their only logical conclusion.

I’m proud of what I said. I told the sanctimonious shouters promoting class warfare to go to hell.

There may be those on the left who really want civil discourse. It’s possible there are some who realize that our national debt is, in fact, out of control. There’s a chance that sane debate is the actual goal of a number of self-proclaimed liberal activists.

But I didn’t see any of those people in Madison on Saturday morning. I’m not going to pretend that I did. It was a mob, whipped up by the divider-in-chief and his cronies who live off of union dues and taxpayer funded handouts. And in case any of you in the back row missed it, I repeat – go to hell.

Breitbart is not apologizing for responding to the thugs and their tactics by saying, "go to hell."

War is hell. And as so many union bosses and other assorted Leftists, like Michael Moore, have said, "This is war." Obama and his agitators are waging class warfare.

If the union members and Leftists want to go there, that's their choice.


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