Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Donald Driver: Apology from DWTS Judge

Donald Driver's second dance on Dancing With the Stars scored better with the judges than his first.

In addition to getting better scores this time out, Driver also got an apology from judge Len Goodman.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Wonders never cease! Judge Len Goodman delivered a shocker on Dancing with the Stars Monday by admitting that he ”under-marked” NFL Donald Driver for his premiere night Cha Cha. And then he apologized for it!

Goodman explained that after watching the episode, he realized he was wrong to give Driver a 7 for his crowd-pleasing Cha Cha. (Driver’s overall score of 21 left him close to the bottom of the leaderboard). “I apologize,” Goodman said during the show. “I under-marked you… I watched it back. You did a great job.” Goodman went on to explain that unlike in football when referees have access to instant playbacks on video screens, ballroom dancing is judged live and, well sometimes things happen!

Afterwards, Driver said the mea culpa felt good. “I think we both thought it was a low score, but we made history, so if we continue to make history, we’ll be good.” Driver and Partner Peta Murgatroyd scored a 24 Monday for their fierce Quick Step. “He’s a great judge,” Driver continued. “Len, he’s man enough to step up and say he made a mistake and you don’t really get that from too many people today. His integrity showed today. We are smiling ear-to-ear right now.”

Driver's scores were low compared to what the other contestants delivered a week ago.

The apology from Goodman was unexpected but deserved.

Based on Driver's place on the leaderboard and his popularity, there's no way he's going to be the first to be eliminated.

Go, Donald!


Watch Donald Driver's second dance here.

The video includes Goodman's apology.

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