Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ann Romney - The View - Military Service (Video)

Ann Romney appeared on The View this morning.

Needless to say, The View's liberal cabal didn't go easy on Mrs. Romney.

From FOX News:

Whoopi Goldberg barely let Ann Romney settle into her seat on ABC's "The View" before pouncing on the first lady hopeful, asking why Mitt Romney didn't serve in Vietnam and if the couple is prepared to console families of fallen soldiers if voted into the White House.

Unlike a recent joint appearance on the show by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama during which questioning ranged from how romantic is the president to the couple's anniversary, the show's five hosts skipped the softball questions and got right into red meat — including military service, abortion and the Romneys' Mormon faith.

When the Obamas' appearance aired on Sept. 25, the panel stuck to questions about the First Couple's 20th wedding anniversary and whether or not President Obama is "romantic," though they did query Obama lightly about the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, which the president declined to characterize at the time as an act of terrorism.

Romney, 63, clad in a red dress and gold jewelry, was initially scheduled to appear with her husband, who backed out citing a scheduling conflict, according to host Barbara Walters. But his wife deftly deflected her husband's description of the female klatch as "sharp-tongued," saying the candidate called the women "sharp and young." Moments later, Goldberg asked Romney if her husband's Mormon faith precluded him or their five sons from serving in the military and whether the Romneys would be prepared to console relatives of fallen U.S. soldiers. Many Mormons serve in the military and the faith does not bar them from doing so.

“He was serving his mission and my five sons also served [on] missions,” Ann Romney replied. “We find different ways of serving.”

Asked how she would explain to relatives of the fallen soldiers that her sons did not serve in the U.S. military, she continued, "I would say it’s the hardest thing that a president and a first lady can do. We have the most extraordinary fighting men and women and we have to be grateful for them.”

Walters grilled Romney on abortion, and stem cell research, but noted she is not the one running for office.

“I am pro-life and I’m happy to say that,” said Ann Romney when asked by Walters if her thoughts on the issue changed like her husband of 43 years. “When a decision came across his desk to use embryos for experimentation, he could not have, on his conscience, created human life for experimentation.

“The most important thing we can do is have respect for each other in this dialogue. This is a tender, tender issue”

Following Walters’ initial question on abortion, co-host Joy Behar asked Ann Romney about women’s access to contraception, prompting Romney to say: “I would love if you could get my husband on the couch, Joy.”

Romney continued: “What I know is I am here to reflect the character of the person I know. Every decision he will make … [will be based on] is this is the best thing for America to go forward? I think I know where his heart is.”
This really pisses me off.

The Leftists have been bitching about the lack of military service by Mitt Romney and his sons since the 2008 campaign.

Read about Mike Wallace accusing Mitt and sons of being chicken hawks in a 2007 interview on 60 Minutes.

Did Whoopi Goldberg grill Obama the Hawk about his lack of service?

He's the one bragging about killing Osama bin Laden and hunting down terrorists. He's the one shamelessly trying to score political points by constantly referring to greeting the coffins of terrorism victims and our war dead.

Why didn't Obama serve? Why didn't Michelle serve?

Michelle has been yapping incessantly about how much she cares for our military.

Why didn't Michelle enlist? What stopped her?

Did Whoopi ask?

No way.

It's disgraceful.

Ann Romney is so classly and so smart. She can handle the Leftist old bitties on The View. She did handle their swipes beautifully, with dignity and humor and grace.

Just by being herself, Mrs. Romney made Goldberg, Walters, and the others in the cabal look cheap and small and desperate.

Here's video of Goldberg questioning Mrs. Romney.

Hey, Whoopi! How does Obama talk to mothers of the dead without explaining to them that he hasn't served?

More video here.

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