Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Biden to Trump: 'Make My Day, Pal'

Good grief. There are so many jump cuts in this video of 14 seconds that it makes me dizzy. The Big Guy is pretending to be a tough guy, but he clearly couldn't get through his short statement without tons of edits.

The only reason Biden's puppet masters put this weird video out is because Biden is losing so badly, bleeding supporters. I'm sure the plan is for Biden to weasel out for some ridiculous reason. The Biden team is reeling.

What a load of crap! Biden is a weak, doddering, dementia-riddled fool, incapable of reading a teleprompter.

"I think the question now becomes: Will Donald Trump keep his word? Will he step up to the plate here? We haven't heard from him yet, but we'll be waiting all day." Trump comments on debating Biden: President Trump is hilarious.

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