Monday, June 10, 2024

Biden Family Reunion at Hunter's Trial

From AP via Channel 3000:
Hunter Biden and his family have arrived at the courthouse for another day in his federal gun trial in Delaware.

First lady Jill Biden was among them Monday morning along with Hunter Biden’s uncle, James Biden; his aunt, Valerie Biden Owens; and his sister, Ashley Biden. The family has come to court a lot over the past week to support Hunter Biden.
David Spunt of FOX News reports more than a dozen Biden family members were in the courtroom today.

Among those in attendance:

James Biden is Biden's brother, Hunter's uncle and partner in crime.

Valerie Biden Owens is Biden's sister, Hunter's aunt. Biden thought she was his wife, confusing her with Jill.

Ashley Biden is Biden and Jill's daughter, Hunter's half-sister. She has a long history of drug abuse and drug arrests, as well as an arrest for obstructing an officer. In her now verified diary, she writes about "probably not appropriate" showers with her father when she was a young girl.

Quite a family.

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