Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Biden's Juneteenth Event - DISASTER

Biden and Kamala Harris held an early Juneteenth event yesterday evening at the White House. Without Jill there to assist Biden, he was more lost and confused than his usual lost and confused self.

Come on, man! It's not that hard to clap along with the people sitting right next to you. Biden looks so uncomfortable. I wish Biden's slurring would soften the ugliness of his remarks, but the vitriol makes it through his awful, awful delivery. Oh, my God. This is terrible! Wow. Biden needs directions to get back in the White House!

This truly was an "exceptionally embarrassing display of cognitive deficiency" by Biden. There are no excuses to make Biden's performance at the event any less cringe-worthy.

Biden is not able to function. He's not going to get better. This is sad to watch.

Maybe Hunter's trial and all the recent travel abroad has really taken a toll on Biden. Whatever the reason for last night's debacle, he obviously can't serve as president. He just can't.

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