Saturday, September 24, 2022

Mandela Barnes, Democrats: DEFUND THE POLICE

Crime is out of control. End the war on cops.

Vote for law and order. Vote for safety and security.

Vote out the Democrats. Reject the radical Democrat Mandela Barnes.

Vote for Ron Johnson.

Biden Can't Read, Speak

Biden is a cognitive mess. He is an illegitimate president.

Who is running the country?

Democrats Deny Election Results

This is the Democrats' modus operandi.

When they lose an election, they deny results. They claim the Republican winner is illegitimate. They claim the election was stolen. This is what they do.

When Republicans question the integrity of an election, the Democrats run around insisting it's an effort to destroy our democracy. They say Republicans are an existential threat to the Union.

It's insane.

Your 401(k)

Help your 401(k). Vote out Democrats.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Hillary Clinton Equates Trump Rally With Nazi Rally

I am so sick of Trump supporters being compared to Nazis. Such rhetoric is dangerous. When it comes from high-profile Democrats like Hillary Clinton, it's dramatically more reckless.

Child Sex Predator Crossed Border Illegally, Arrested

Thankfully, Elvis Ortiz-Pineda was arrested. How many criminals are successfully being welcomed into the country by Biden?

Millions of people have crossed illegally into our country. There must be thousands and thousands of criminals among them.

Biden and the Democrats are putting Americans at risk.

GOP Vows to Repeal 87,000 IRS Agents

Stop Biden's war on Americans. Vote out Democrats.

Biden Stock Market Disaster

Biden did this.

Creepy Joe Biden: 'She Was 12, I Was 30'


Gays Against Groomers

Free speech at its best.

Democrats Lie About Secure Border

Updated COVID-19 Vaccine

I don't trust the CDC.

Biden Lost - Supercut

Babies in Womb React to Flavor

Wait a minute. Is an unborn baby a "baby"?

The Democrats voted to kill babies up to the moment of birth.

Bruce Springsteen - 73

Bruce Springsteen is seventy-three years old today.

Thursday, September 22, 2022


Summer is over.

Fall begins now.

Kamala Harris Praises Violence Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers

I hope the FBI is investigating.f

Biden Puts Americans in Danger

Biden's rhetoric has deadly consequences.

American Medicine Skips Clinical Trials, Monetizes Mental Anguish

People are profiting by surgically mutilating children. This is nothing to celebrate. It's not life-saving. It's child abuse.

More Dressed in Camo Enter Country Illegally

Anyone else concerned about this?

Unborn Baby's Heartbeat - Science

Follow the science, Stacey Abrams and other pro-abortion activists.

Brian Sicknick Died of Natural Causes

Crossfire Hurricane and the Mar-a-Lago Raid

Cayler Ellingson Murdered By Shannon Brandt

Shannon Brandt committed a horrific hate crime, murdering Cayler Ellingson for his conservative views.

Cayler Ellingson is dead and Brandt is released on bond.

It's sick.

Biden and the Democrats, with their incendiary rhetoric, have blood on their hands.

Stacey Abrams - Conspiracy Nutjob

Stacey Abrams denies science and asserts crazy conspiracy theories.

She's nuts.

Letitia James - Trump Witch Hunt

Letitia James is abusing her power as New York's attorney general.

The Big Guy Can't Leave the Stage

The Big Guy embarrasses himself and the country.

The Band - 53 Years Ago

The Band released their second studio album, The Band, 53 years ago today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Mandela Barnes Endorsement Scandal

Vote for Ron Johnson.

John Fetterman Unfit to Serve

Fetterman must debate Oz before the end of October. With so much early voting, debates must be held soon so the electorate can make an informed choice. Dodging debates until they become irrelevant is worse than cowardly on Fetterman's part. It's wrong. It's deceptive. The intent is to deceive the people.

If Fetterman can't debate and communicate, he can't serve in the Senate.

White House 'Irritated' With Bill Melugin

Bill Melugin is doing great reporting, bringing the truth of Biden's border crisis to the American people. Of course, the White House is irritated.

Our 'Secure' Border

Our border is NOT secure.

Trump and Biden Talk

This video will probably get flagged with a misinformation warning.

Biden: 'The Pandemic Is Over'

Biden was very clear. "The pandemic is over."

Kamala Babbles About 'Community'

Kamala Harris is an orator for the ages!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Migrants Sue DeSantis Over Martha's Vineyard Flight

From AP: Venezuelan migrants flown to the upscale Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his transportation secretary Tuesday for engaging in a “fraudulent and discriminatory scheme” to relocate them.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Boston, alleges that the migrants were told they were going to Boston or Washington, “which was completely false,” and were induced with perks such as $10 McDonald’s gift certificates.

“No human being should be used as a political pawn,” said Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, executive director of Lawyers for Civil Rights, which is seeking class-action status in the lawsuit filed on behalf of several migrants who were aboard last week’s flights and Alianza Americas, a network of advocacy groups.
Outrageous. Illegal immigrants are going to sue? They broke our laws. They aren't the victims.

Americans are the victims of Biden's open border, a "fraudulent and discriminatory scheme."

American Public Schools

What a mess!

The country is falling apart.

Nikki Haley Schools Racist Sunny Hostin

Hostin owes Nikki Haley an apology.

Chloe Cole's Story


Illegal Immigrants Wander Streets of Eagle Pass, Texas

Biden must address the humanitarian crisis he created. Immediately.

Biden: Illegal Immigrants are Mainly From Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua

So much rambling and BS.

First, Biden broke the border wide open. He engineered this crisis.

Second, Nicaragua is a Central American country.

Third, Biden invited illegal immigrants to visit Delaware and its beautiful shoreline. That means flights of illegal immigrants will be welcomed to luxuriate in Delaware's shoreline, hopefully for longer than 44 hours.

Martha's Vineyard Invasion Song

Don Lemon: Royal Family, Colonialism, Reparations

Great answer. She completely shuts down Don Lemon. He's at a loss for words because he was confronted with facts.

Biden Unfit to Serve: 'Watch Me'

Mandela Barnes Wants to Release 50% of Prison Population

Radical Mandela Barnes is too extreme for Wisconsin. Democrat policies are destroying the country.

We can change that by voting for Republicans, removing the Democrats from power in the Senate.

Vote for Ron Johnson.

Mandela Barnes - 2020 Riots Simply 'Frustration'

Mandela Barnes is a radical Leftist. He's too extreme for Wisconsin.

Vote for Ron Johnson.