Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama 2001 Radio Interview: The Redistribution of Wealth

Barack Obama's record reveals him to be the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate.

That makes total sense. Listen to him talk. Note his philosophy.


I understand people wanting to have change. But change for the sake of change can be dangerous.

This Chicago Public Radio interview, on WBEZ.FM, from 2001, shows that Obama's "spread the wealth around" statement to Joe Wurzelbacher wasn't an off-the-cuff, unfortunate choice of words. It was a glimpse into his long-held beliefs about the redistribution of wealth and "reparative" economic work.

It's important to understand what sort of change Obama envisions for the country.

Obama's idea of "economic justice" would have played well in the failed Soviet Union.


KayRo said...

This interview needs to be out everywhere. Any man who is so interested in "justice" for one race in our country, can not possibly have the whole of our nation at heart. This position is also evident in his "above his paygrade" comment about when a baby should receive human rights.
If he can't think of the weakest of our citizens as citizens or even human for that matter, how can he care about our great country? The Declaration of Independence declares "all men are CREATED equal." That means black, white, babies...

Anonymous said...

This is why the press has not delved into Obama's background. He's a socialist and if the general public knew this he wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected.

This interview proves that Obama believes the Constitution is an inconvenient document that needs to be circumvented. Obama is not a patriot. He wants to remake the United States into something that it is not, a Socialist state. His "people" have been working hard in the press, behind the scenes in our financial system and in our schools while the majority of United States citizens have been taking cruises and getting spa treatments all while not paying a bit of attention to politics because they were fat and happy. The fat and happy days are over. The global economy is crumbling while the chain restaurants are still full every night. the citizenry is sure that those in power would never let our system collapse; it just isn't possible (I've heard this over and over and over the last month). But, ask yourself, does the economic collapse benefit Obama and the Democrats? Yes. So if this economic mess solidifies their power they sure aren't going to anything to slow it down. They could care less about how this will hurt the country's citizens as long as their political goals are met. (Listen to the video's soundtrack again) This may sound harsh, but there is no absolutely no evidence to suggest otherwise. Radicals only care about their agenda and they will use all means at their disposal. Obama is a radical. The soundtrack to this video proves it.