Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Perkins and Dirty Dining

Last Thursday, December 11, 2008, TMJ4's Courtny Gerrish did a "Dirty Dining" segment on the Perkins Family Restaurant in Brookfield.

You wouldn't know that report aired if you went to TMJ4's website. It's been scrubbed.

No video. No written report.


Is it just an oversight, an innocent mistake?

Thanks to Google's cache, the report lives.

This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Dec 12, 2008 05:55:49 GMT.

BROOKFIELD - A family restaurant not keeping food cold enough. Perkins on Barker Road and Bluemound.

An employee was cracking eggs and then touching customer's food, all without changing gloves. A cross contamination risk. When we stopped by the manager wasn't talking. "You don't want to comment?" "Not really."

Inspectors had issues with food temperature. Meatloaf and sausage were at 45 degrees. Rice was kept at 47 degrees. The safe cold temperature is 41. Also, inspectors found a cooler as warm as 47 degrees, and Hash browns were sitting out at room temperature.

Children's drink cups used as scoops, sitting in food. Perkins was ordered to use a scoop with a handle, so employees don't put their hands in the food. Also, there were open bags of flour stored on the floor. Dry goods must be sealed in a container and kept off the floor.

The manager did tell us Perkins was cleaning things up.

That's not good.

The "Dirty Dining" segments never are. I think of the reports as a public service.

So why is the Brookfield Perkins being spared by TMJ4?

Where's the report? Where's the video? Not readily available on its website.

The "Dirty Dining" page has links to other restaurants that have been highlighted by TMJ4 for breaking health codes. Those remain.

What's the deal?

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Anonymous said...

where is this report I dont think Inwant to go back
I know it wasnt a mistake otherwise you wouldnt have started it to begin with
We the customer deserve to know
it appears thilthy from the dining area why wouldnt it be behind the seens
where your nerve
why the the story jst forgotten and hiddex
What make Perkins so special