Sunday, January 25, 2009

McKay Hatch, the No Cussing Club, and Death Threats

From KTLA:

A South Pasadena boy who created the "No Cussing Club" is getting worldwide attention, and death threats.

McKay Hatch, 15, started his anti-profanity campaign about two years ago when he and a few friends got fed up with the foul language they seemed to hear everywhere.

The club now boosts more than 20,000 members.

But not everyone supports his cause.

The pro-cussing crowd has sent false pizza deliveries to his house along with pornographic magazine subscriptions. Hatch says his phone rings all the time and his email inbox is overflowing with profane hate messages.

He and his family drew the line when the death threats started coming in over the Internet. They promptly contacted police, who confirm an investigation is underway.

The teen's father says one death threat in particular crossed the line.

"I was at the hospital with my wife, we were visiting family, and some guy had called on my cell phone said, 'I know you you're gone, you're not there, and I'm in front of your house and I'm going to kill your family," McKay's father Brent Hatch said.

Hatch says police arrived within 30 seconds since they were already on alert because of the situation.

Detectives are examining the threatening emails, said South Pasadena police Capt. Richard Kowaltschuk, adding, "If someone threatens your life that is a violation of the law, whether it's done verbally or over the Internet."

How horrible! I can't imagine people delivering death threats to McKay and his family over a club like this.
McKAY HATCH: Since January 4, we've received now over 60,000 e-mails of people, you know, saying, 'If you don't stop this, I know where you live, I'm gonna come kill you.' At first, you know, it was really scary, but then I kind of realized these are bullies and I don't want to let these bullies win. Since we got the FBI involved and my attorney, Kelly Crabb, involved, you know, it's not as scary. I'm not gonna let these bullies win.

This is really sick. Sixty thousand threatening e-mails! That's harassment on a massive scale.

I don't know how the family manages to deal with it.

McKay is a tough kid. He's to be admired for standing up for what's right.

And the thugs sending these threats are a bunch of... evildoers.

(In McKay's honor, I self-censored the preceding sentence.)


Check out The No Cussing Club website.

Join the club.

Rahm Emanuel should become a member.


Anonymous said...


Keep up the great work.

A wise man once said, "He who needs to express himself with profanity, is limited in his expression.

Anonymous said...

Good kid.

Evil people hate anything that's good.

Thank God for that boy and his courage and bravery. He will see his reward for his good work.

Anonymous said...

We know your parents are in for the money, kid.

Anonymous said...

People will say what they want to say. Do not impose on their expression of themselves.

If you don't like it. Don't be near them.

Anonymous said...

this is rediculous, some brainwashed kid goes on a tirade against profanity and its actually a news story? I mean sending death threats is a little exteme, but so is starting a club dedicated to restricting the freedom of speech.

Mary said...

The news story is not that a kid has started an effort to restore some civility in the sort of language we use to communicate.

The story is that there are thugs who have committed crimes against the kid and his family.

It's a crime to threaten to kill someone. It's not a crime to start a no cussing club.

You claim to want free speech? OK. You have no right to take away McKay's right to free speech.

He's not treading on anyone's rights with his club.

Start a cussing club if you want. Knock yourself out.

Anonymous said...

And yet this child has showed initiate to stop words. Of all things words. He should not be rewarded, he should be punished. Words are just that. Even if you change from saying "F***!" to "Pickles!" the meaning behind it is still the same, just the word is different. Words by themselves do not hurt people, but the meanings do. His goal can achieve nothing but censorship, it isn't to change people or to help society.

Mary said...

That's goofy. It really is.

This isn't censorship at all.

Good grief.

Cheesecakecrush said...

Ah, to censor a censor. What a tangled web you weave.

His club is not HURTING anyone. It is not imposing their belief on anyone else except for club members, and its not exactly forced participation.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, he should have been aborted!