Friday, February 27, 2009

Lake Geneva Nurses Behaving Badly

This story really ticks me off.

When a patient goes to a facility seeking medical care, the individual should not be treated like a piece of meat by personnel.

A patient is in need of assistance, not abuse and humiliation.

From WISN:

Nurses accused of photographing a patient and posting the pictures on the Internet have been fired.

The investigation started with an anonymous call from an employee at Mercy Walworth Medical Center in Lake Geneva, with the allegation that a nurse took pictures of a patient with her cell phone and posted them on her Facebook page.

Last week, the nurse told 12 News she never posted the pictures on the Internet. Investigators have since interviewed the nurse and said she offered more details.

"There were two nurses that independently took a picture each of an X-ray of a patient," Walworth County Undersheriff Kurt Picknell said.

The patient was admitted to the emergency room with an object lodged in his rectum. Police said the nurse explained she and a co-worker snapped photos when they learned it was a sex device. Police said discussion about the incident was posted on her Facebook page, but they haven't found anyone who actually saw the pictures.

The nurse removed her Facebook page from the Internet last week. Without more, Picknell said this conduct does not appear to violate any state laws. He has referred the case to the FBI.

Once again, it appears that Facebook has played a role in bringing about someone's downfall. Thank God for Facebook.

The nurses who took those photos are a disgrace to their profession. They're disgraceful human beings.

They may not have broken any state laws, but they certainly behaved unprofessionally and unethically. If photographing a patient's X-ray without permission and then passing it around or posting it on the Internet isn't in violation of Wisconsin law, it damn well should be.

Is this the first time these nurses have done something as reprehensible as this on the job?

Have they entertained themselves in the past by photographing patients?

Even if this is a first for them, it still reveals extreme callousness and a twisted disregard for fellow human beings.

I would think that their behavior would be in violation of HIPPA. They showed no regard for the patient's privacy. Certainly, a patient has the right to not have a nurse photograph his X-ray without his knowledge and then slap the image on the Internet.

The nurses showed no compassion for the individual. I don't get it. I don't get how some people in the medical field -- technicians, nurses, and doctors -- can be so cold and dehumanize people the way they do. Why would such cold-hearted people like that choose a career that at its heart is about caring for others?

These nurses are in the wrong profession. Since they're so fascinated with sex devices, let them work at an adult toy shop.

They deserved to be fired and they don't deserve to be rehired elsewhere. I would never trust them to carry out their duties with competence and professionalism.

They exploited and abused a patient. They violated a trust.


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