Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chris Mason/Christine Newton-John Gets Off Easy

Chris Mason/Christine Newton-John tortured her husband to death.

[S]urveillance video from the Middlefield Village Apartment Complex shows 41-year-old Chris Mason (aka Christine Newton-John) holding her elderly husband's head under water and forcing him to swim in the deep end. Police counted at least 43 separate occasions when the wife prevented her husband James Mason from leaving the water.

In June 2008, 73 year-old James Mason suffered a heart attack in the pool after spending nearly two hours swimming with his wife.

"It doesnt appear to be exercise. This is a man being dragged around and pushed in the water, taken out to the deep end. That's still really traumatic for somebody who's afraid of water," says Middlefield Police Chief Joseph Stehlik.


On Friday, Mason was sentenced.
CHARDON, Ohio -- A transgender woman was sentenced Friday to four years in prison for killing her frail husband by forcing him to exercise.

Chris Mason, 41, was sentenced in Geauga County Common Pleas Court for reckless homicide in the death of 73-year-old James Mason. She pleaded guilty earlier and could have gotten five years in prison.

Mason's voice quivered as she tearfully apologized for the June death of her husband, who had heart problems.

..."I want to apologize to my former husband's half-sister for her loss as well as to my family and for my loss," she said in court in an emotional tone. "It's been very upsetting and devastating for our entire family."

Regaining composure, Mason described their relationship.

"Jim had been in our family for over 45 years. He came up here from a small town and met my grandmother and my mother, who were like a mother and a sister to him," Mason said. "Over the years we gravitated towards each other, and he accepted me for who I was, not what I was."

They were in love, Mason said. "I'm not going to let jail turn me away. I will continue to hold my head up high and keep plugging along and moving along as I go through my life," Mason said.

I think four years is inadequate. Mason didn't even get the maximum sentence.

She kept her husband from leaving the pool 43 TIMES! It makes waterboarding seem like a walk in the park.

This looks premeditated to me. It seems that she knowingly was "exercising" her husband to death.


She claims she was in love with her husband, but she showed him no mercy.

Although she did say she's sorry, Mason is acting like she's a victim, too. She includes herself among those suffering a terrible loss. She's apologizing to herself. Really weird.

She's defiant, saying that she will "continue to hold [her] head up high." She should be hanging her head in shame for what she did.

Mason says she intends to "keep plugging along and moving along." That's a luxury that she denied her husband.

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