Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brian Williams' Bow to Obama

Check out this bow!

Brian Williams, NBC, bows before almighty Obama.

At the end of Williams' interview with Obama he bids the president goodnight with a bow.

BRIAN WILLIAMS (voice over): Now it is First Family time and time for us to say goodnight.

WILLIAMS: Uh, Mr. President?

BARACK OBAMA: All right.

WILLIAMS: That's your elevator.

BARACK OBAMA: It is. Thank you.

WILLIAMS: Thank you, sir. (Bow) Have a good evening.

OBAMA: Appreciate it. We'll see you... very much, Brian.


OBAMA: Thanks.

Obama did do that promo for Conan O'Brien. Maybe in exchange for that Williams had to bow. Maybe that was the deal.

I doubt. Williams would have bowed anyway. At least he didn't kiss Obama's ring. I can't be sure he didn't, but he didn't kiss it on camera.


Anonymous said...

What did Williams kiss again? If it wasn't Obama's ring, then what was it he kissed?

Mary said...

That's the question.