Thursday, October 8, 2009

Detroit: Mobs Expect Free Cash

From the Associated Press:

Scuffles erupted as several thousand Detroit residents jockeyed, pushed and shoved Wednesday to get free money being offered to only 3,500 of the city's recently or soon to be homeless.

Several received medical treatment for fainting or exhaustion while frantically trying to obtain the applications for federal housing assistance. The long lines and short tempers highlighted the frustration and desperation that Detroit residents feel struggling through an economic nightmare.

The line around Cobo Center, a downtown convention center, started forming well before daybreak. Anger flared within a few hours as more people sought out a dwindling number of applications for the program.

Members of the Detroit Police Department's Gang Squad and other tactical units were called in for crowd control. Several people reportedly passed out from exhaustion and had to be treated by emergency medical personnel. Some minor injuries were reported, and no arrests were made.

...Before Wednesday, Detroit Planning and Development workers already had spent two days handling long lines at City Hall and other locations. Rumors that $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama administration spurred heavy turnouts.

Don't these people realize the recession is over? What are they worried about?

Obviously, there were a lot of disappointed people. They stood in line for hours hoping for assistance. Their hopes were dashed. No $3,000 stimulus checks for all from Obama? What a let down!

That's not change they can believe in.

These people need to relax. Things are looking up.

No worries. Obama is in the White House.


Dave said...

What the hell does this have to do with creating jobs? Wasn't the stimulus supposed to "save or create" jobs? What a joke.

GeekParallax said...

I've lurked for awhile, and I hadn't really ever felt like tendering my two cents.

Until this.

What ever happened to dignity? Whatever happened to pride? Americans have never groveled, never bowed and scraped before anyone- foreign or domestic.

Now we have an entire mob of Americans-- inheritors of the glorious promises of the American Revolution-- fighting with each other over who will be first to line up and swallow slop from the trough of big government.

I am ashamed of my countrymen.

Mary said...

The stimulus is a joke.

I wonder how these people will react when they get no "Obama Money" at all or just enough to buy a McDonald's Extra Value Meal.

This scene is a perfect example of what the entitlement culture produces.

I agree, Geek.

And thanks for reading.