Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stephen Colbert, Bob Costas, and the Fireplace

On NBC's latenight Olympic coverage Wednesday, Stephen Colbert, the assistant sports psychologist for the U.S. speed skating team, visited with Bob Costas at the NBC Vancouver studio.

They were seated in those comfy chairs in front of that lovely fireplace.

At the end of the interview, Colbert got up from his chair to warm himself by the fire.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Do you mind if I warm up by the fire?

BOB COSTAS: Why don't you toast some marshmallows back there?

Colbert didn't just warm himself at hearth's edge. He crawled into the fire.
COLBERT: Oh! Oh, oh, this is so nice.

Costas and the crew were laughing hysterically.
COLBERT: It's really lovely in here. You know, it's the authenticity. Yeah, that's what I really appreciate about NBC.

COSTAS: That's what we strive for. Completely authentic.

COLBERT: Everything's real.


NBC video of Stephen Colbert with Bob Costas here.

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Jake said...

Here's the video on youtube if you want to share easier or if you're overseas.