Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Biden: 'This is a Big F---ing Deal' (Video)

Joe Biden has done it again, another "open mic" moment.

At the signing ceremony for the historic health care bill, Biden drops the F-bomb.

After introducing Obama, Biden says, "This is a big F---ing deal."


More video here.

Good grief.

That's what he whispers to Obama on this occasion? That's what he chooses to say?

Biden is a real piece of work.

You can be sure that this White House is going to alter the tape it distributes. You won't hear Biden's remark to Obama. Turn up the applause and make Biden's crass comment disappear.

Question: Did Biden always talk like this, or has he been spending too much time with Rahm Emanuel?

The F-word must be a regular part of the exchanges between Obama and Biden. Given the context, given the setting, I doubt he would have used that adjective otherwise.

So the health care bill is now law.

And Biden added such a nice touch!


This is funny, from Andy Levy:

The New Deal, The Fair Deal, The New Frontier, The Great Society, The Big F---ing Deal...

That's what I'll call ObamaCare from now on.

How big a deal? Ask Joe Biden


Harvey Finkelstein said...

Imagine if Cheney had done this... OMG.

Mary said...

It bugs me that Cheney took so much heat for saying whatever he did to Leahy.

"But Cheney said it on the Senate floor!"



Of course, that darn Joe, good ol' Joe, gets away with saying to Obama, DURING the signing ceremony of what the Dems are touting as legislation on the same plane as civil rights legislation, "This is a big F---ing deal."

Biden is embraced for being a buffoon!

The lib media are so in the tank for the Dems it's ridiculous.