Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tom Barrett: Jim Doyle's Third Term, Only Worse

Third Term from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

The Republican Governors Association aired a new television advertisement today on the similarities between Mayor Tom Barrett and Governor Jim Doyle. Tom Barrett would be like Jim Doyle’s third term, only worse. The ad can be viewed at

“It’s no wonder that Jim Doyle has spent a million dollars trying to get Mayor Tom Barrett elected. Barrett would be like Doyle’s third term – only worse,” said RGA spokesman Chris Schrimpf. “Both men have loved raising taxes and both have presided over thousands of lost jobs. Scott Walker, though, has shown that he understands the importance of a dollar. He’s someone who packs his lunch for work every day and has returned almost $400,000 of his salary back to the taxpayers.”

A transcript of the ad is below.
Wonder why Tom Barrett is Jim Doyle’s handpicked successor?

It’s because – like Doyle – Barrett just loves raising taxes.

Barrett’s raised taxes in every office he’s ever held.

In the state legislature, the U. S. Congress, and every year as Milwaukee’s mayor.

And, just like Doyle, Barrett’s lost thousands of jobs on his watch.

Tom Barrett: more taxes, less jobs. Barrett would be Doyle’s third term, only worse.

Barrett doesn't like being compared to fellow Democrat Jim Doyle.

Why is that?

Because he knows Wisconsinites are rejecting the failed policies of the last eight years. We want change.

Barrett's problem is he is like Doyle. When it comes to controlling government spending and cutting taxes, Barrett's record doesn't match his rhetoric.

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