Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama and Conference Call

Obama is a lot like soon-to-be former Senator Russ Feingold, fired by Wisconsin voters on Tuesday. Obama claims he's listening to the people, but he has no intention of carrying out their wishes.

In a conference call with fellow radical Leftists, activists, Obama relayed a different message than he gave earlier in the day during his news conference.

No retreat. Damn the Republicans, full speed ahead.



OBAMA: Now, just a couple other things I want to mention. Look, we always knew that bringing about change wasn't gonna be easy, and it might get tougher, uh, in the days ahead.

But the message I take away from these elections is very simple: The American people are still frustrated and they still want change. And we just gotta work harder to deliver the change the American people want. Uh, but we've gotta keep on working hard until every American sees real change in their own lives.

And, and, you know, sometimes I know this is exhausting but, look, we didn't sign up for doing what was easy. Uh, we signed up, uh, for doing what was right. And we're gonna continue to take, uh, you know, all the time that it takes and all the effort that it takes to get our country back on track and usher in a new era of American prosperity.

So, you know, to those of you who began this journey with me almost four years ago, uh, think about how far we've come. Uh, and think about the ups and downs that we went through during the course of the campaign. There were times where folks counted us out, and we always came back. And the same thing is gonna happen over the next two years, and the next six years. Uh, and, you know, I want everybody to keep the spirit of hope and change alive because you've helped me translate that spirit into accomplishment.

The man is clueless.


Nonetheless, he's planning on a second term.

Of course, Obama is trying to give a pep talk to his dejected supporters after Tuesday's "shellacking."

But it does seem that Obama hasn't received what was an incredibly loud and clear message from the American people.

Yes, we want change. That means Obama must change course. His chances of being granted a second term are far slimmer if he proceeds on his current path.


Harvey Finkelstein said...

Uh, he's not clueless. Ke knows exactly what he wants to do to this country. Problem is that a lot of the citizens figured it out.

You really don't think that a left-wing radical like Obama is just going to go quietly into the night, do you?

Mary said...

I believe that Obama is such an egomaniac and has such an inflated sense of self that he really can't fathom being rejected by the American people. I think he's that delusional.

Even if he did get it and he does understand that Americans on Tuesday said they don't want the sort of "change" he wants to deliver, I do think the arrogant Obama would simply disregard the will of the people.

Like so many Leftist extremists, Obama's in a bubble and he doesn't care about the reality outside of it.

Harvey Finkelstein said...

That about covers it.