Friday, September 16, 2011

Michelle Obama: Food Nazi

Mark Levin expressed the inappropriateness of Michelle Obama's crusade to control what restaurants are allowed to serve their patrons. He points out how wrong it is for the first lady to be schooling parents on what to feed their children, as if she's an authority.

From Wednesday's Mark Levin Show:

MARK LEVIN: Listen to this folks - Chicago Sun-Times - on our first lady, Michelle Obama:
First Lady Michelle Obama will make a major Let's Move! announcement related to providing healthier choices and greater variety for families in restaurants - a critical piece of ending the epidemic of childhood obesity in a generation.

Well, you know how they're going to end childhood obesity, Mr. Producer? More unemployed, then people go hungry and they have to eat off food stamps. So, I think that's their new childhood obesity plan.
One of every two dollars spent on food is spent in restaurants, and over one-third of calories consumed in America are eaten at restaurants. The Childhood Obesity Task Force Report specifically calls on restaurants to, "consider their portion sizes, improve children's menus, and make healthy options the default choice whenever possible." This event will be held in Hyattsville, MD and space is limited.

Yeah, only skinny people.

I mean, what is this? What kind of idiocy is this?

I've made the point over and over again, and let me stress it again, so tomorrow morning all the hosts can repeat it. We live in a nation, in a supposed representative republic, where the founding fathers believed that we were intelligent enough to select our own temporary rulers, our representatives. They wrote a constitution that limited the power of these rulers so they wouldn't become authoritarian, because they believed that we as individuals are actually capable of thinking for ourselves.

How the hell did we become a nation of people where we need the first lady of the United States to assume responsibility for telling us how much our children can eat and how much restaurants' food portions should be?

And then she'll be praised by Mike Huckabee and she'll be praised by Chris Christie as she was in the past. Because what? They can't make their own decisions?

And they say, 'Well, she's not compelling it.'

Of course she's compelling it. She's putting the shoulder on these restaurants. We do not need a first lady telling restaurants what size portions we should have, and we do not need her telling parents what to do with their children.

Now, I'm not going to be rude here, the way the Left is with the Bush kids and the Reagan kids. and the these kids and the that kids. But they're not exactly on Weight Watchers over there at the White House, let me put it to you that way - including the first lady.

Stop lecturing us. Stop telling us what we should do, could do, and can do. God gave us all brains, too, Michelle Obama. And in this society, we get to make our own choices.

It's just offensive to me, and it should be offensive to you when they presume to know more than you, and presume to be able to reach into your local restaurant, on the food you put on your table, and to tell you what to eat and how to eat and when to eat.

It's just pathetic, while they're slobbering down all kinds of food that you're paying for, out there on Martha's Vineyard. What size portions did they have on Martha's Vineyard? Was it a one and a half pound lobster? I'm just curious.

It is pathetic.

I don't think there's anything wrong with Michelle Obama using her position to encourage healthy eating and to encourage kids to exercise. The problem is she's going beyond encouraging good habits.

Michelle is pressuring restaurants, private establishments, to change what they offer. She's lecturing us and acting as if she should have control over our decisions because she knows what's best for us and our children.

It's insulting.

Don't tread on fries!

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Pissed At Michelle said...

Our school has to get rid of junk food because of her, including the french fries I eat every day! Michelle's just a ajdfbnjkqbe rljbgqjlerbljanlfjgn jfhn lkjn and I hate her. I run 5 miles a day, I think I should be able to eat whatever the heck I want.