Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Patricia McAllister: Anti-Semitic, Substitute Teacher

Teachers of the Los Angeles Unified School District joined in the Occupy LA protest.

Members of the United Teachers of Los Angeles union "occupied" the LAUSD headquarters, demonstrating against budget cuts and charter schools.

In attendance: Patricia McAllister.

Who is Patricia McAllister?

She was a LAUSD substitute teacher. She is an anti-Semite.

The woman made it very clear she doesn't like Jews, on camera.

She lost her job but that hasn't caused her to rethink her stance or apologize.

She reiterated her strong views, defending her remarks.




REPORTER: Your remarks are racist.

PATRICIA McALLISTER: It is not racist. It's been telling the truth. Anyone who speaks against the Jews are called racist nowadays.

REPORTER: If somebody said the same thing about African Americans, it would be considered racist.

McALLISTER: If we were destroying this nation, you better say something, and take us down with it.

The Jews are destroying our nation?

Good grief.

Pretty sick that Obama is willing to state that he is "on their side."

I think Obama needs to clarify what he means by that.

Perhaps he should give one of his lofty speeches about tolerance and civility and remind the anti-Wall Street masses, his class warfare soldiers, that anti-Semitism is wrong.

When is that going to happen?

It's long overdue. When are the Democrats going to speak out against the ugliness of these protesters?

McAllister's remarks are similar to many that we've heard during these protests.



jimspice said...

Or, we could use the tactics of the right and insist she is a plant.

Of course her words are despicable and should be soundly rejected. There. Happy?

Mary said...

She's not a plant.

She was employed by the LAUSD. That's verified. I don't think school officials would fire a plant and make a statement about her inappropriate behavior.

Is it right to condemn her? Yes. Good for you.

Does it make me happy? Not really.

David said...

Patricia McAllister could have given an hour-long tirade about how white people ought to be run out of the country, and nothing would have been done to punish her. But whereas whites are BELOW blacks on the social totem pole, Jews are ABOVE them.

The manipulative interruptions by Susan Hirasuna of her interviewees, the snide little comments by Jeff the Anchorman, and the belittling tirade by Liz Habib, as shown on a video that has been uploaded to YouTube, is a good indication that the Jews control the media as well as the Federal Reserve. It is obvious that these three "journalists" were aware that Patricia McAllister's remarks would offend their Jewish bosses, and that as a result they had an opportunity to gain political capital with them by demonstrating their devotion to political correctness. What you saw in the behavior of those three MyFoxLA employees can be termed, for psychoanalytical purposes as "competitive brown-nosing."

The authenticity and spontaneity of that behavior is evinced by its clumsiness. News anchors are often trained in acting, but they usually aren't good enough to be in the star class. That is, while they can act passably well when they have memorized lines from a script, they aren't sufficiently talented to extemporize their roles effectively.

So when this eager and ambitious trio set about kissing up to their bosses by putting down Patricia McAllister, they fumbled while extemporizing their lines, they tripped over each other, and they came across sounding like a pack of bratty children.

As for Patricia McAllister's comments, I don't see much wrong with them. Her facts are accurate. She could have said more regarding the mechanisms the Jews use for controlling the culture and the political affairs of America.

The fact that the Jews control Hollywood and frequently brag about it.

The fact that the Jews control the TV media and most of the syndicated press.

The fact that Jews often sit in judgment at publishing houses, deciding whether a book is kosher enough to be published.

The improper influence of Jewish organizations, such as the ADL, on law enforcement.

The disproportionate number of Jews in the US Congress and in the federal judiciary.

The cyclic political engine by which the Jews extract money from the US taxpayer for Israel, part of which is funneled back to Jewish political groups, such as AIPAC, in the US which provide (or withhold) a critical measure of campaign funding to politicians seeking office. The result being that anyone who gets elected to office is beholden to the Jews and must put the interests of Jews first. Americans can wait. This ensures that Israel will get another big dollop of US taxpayers' money, which enables the next cycle of this Jewish scam.

I could go on. The Jews have been very inventive and very clever about how they control their victims. As INCOMPLETE as her comments were, what Patricia McAllister did say was perfectly truthful. And the Jews do need to be run out of the United States.

David said...

While covering Patricia McAllister's comments, the MyFoxLA anchorman, Jeff Michael, quoted LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy thus:

"I want to emphasize that we condemn the remarks made recently by Patricia McAllister. Her comments, made during non-work time at a recent protest rally, were her private opinions and were not made in the context of district services. As a day-to-day substitute teacher..."

At this point, Anchorman Jeff interrupts himself in order to get another dirty dig in on Patricia McAllister.

Jeff: "And, by the way, I wonder what she taught."

Anchorman Jeff seems to be implying that anyone with Patricia McAllister's willingness to tell the truth about Jewish control of the (mostly Jewish owned) US central bank can't possibly teach anything well.

Anchorman Jeff continues his quoting of John Deasy.

"...Ms. McAllister was an at-will employee. As of today, she is no longer an employee of LAUSD."

Deasy is an Irish surname, so most likely Deasy isn't Jewish. That means Deasy must quickly act to appease to the Jews, unless he wants to be in trouble himself.

So what John Deasy probably means, behind the faux-tough manner of speech, is "It wasn't us O Mighty Abraham Foxman! Please, I beg of you, spare me from the wrath of your Anti-Defamation League! Look! We have FIRED the woman who offended you as a sacrifice to appease your righteous anger! Is that not enough?" This craven man is pooping his pants.