Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ABC: Charlie Brown Christmas, Scenes Cut

Once again, ABC elected to take a hatchet to the beloved holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

There were so many memorable scenes missing. Why edit it so mercilessly?


ABC omitted large chunks of the special.

Cut scenes:

Throwing snowballs at the can on the fence.

Catching snowflakes on their tongues.

Pig-Pen making a snowman.

Sally asking big brother Charlie Brown to help her write her letter to Santa, telling Santa she'll gladly accept money, tens and twenties.

Shermie complaining about always being a shepherd in the Christmas play.

Schroeder and Lucy discussing Beethoven and bubble gum cards.

Lucy struggling to get Schroeder to play a version of "Jingle Bells" on his piano that's to her liking.

All were gone, to make room for commercials.

I wonder if the editors considered mincing Linus' recitation of the story of the birth of Jesus according to the Gospel of Luke.

It's sad that this favorite holiday program, which condemns the commercialism that eats away at the true meaning of Christmas, fell victim to it.

ABC is shameless.


Eugene Groesbeck said...

My wife and I couldn't agree more! We were appalled at the number of edits in the broadcast last night. ABC should be ashamed!

Jen said...

I totally agree, this is one of my favorite christmas shows & they cut ALL BEST parts out, how sad! ABC should be ashamed

WZ said...

An avalanche and not a lump of coal for ABC and their butchering of this classic which I can recite nearly by heart.

Car said...

ABC shouldn't be allowed to broadcast this classic if they're going to take a hacksaw to it! Of course they DO have the right because MONEY RULES. Sorry, Charlie Brown :-(

Martha said...

I couldn't believe so many parts were cut out of this classic. Did they think nobody would notice? I hope that ABC receives so much negative feedback, that this doesn't happen next Christmas.

Anonymous said...

They cut out the name Jesus this time! Wow...what a shame! ABC is disgusting!

Mary said...


I don't think anything was cut from the Monday 12/2/13 airing.

David Frederick Baldner said...

I was flipping back and forth watching Michigan/Syracuse and ever time I'd come back after an asininely long commercial break I'd be like, man I must have missed something. Finally figured it out and was absolutely disgusted.
So they could show more commercials. Give me a stinking break.
Wish Nielsen was still in our home I'd boycott the network. Where can I go to spout off with some profanity?!??!