Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Liberty or Lies?'

Last night on PBS, I watched a good portion of the 2-hour edition of Brien Farley's documentary, Liberty or Lies?

Farley examines conservative talk radio and its influence. Interviews with local conservatives and liberals, talk show hosts, journalists, commentators, and bloggers tell the story.

The juxtaposition of perspectives was fascinating.

Those on the Left and the Right occupy parallel universes.

I found the comments by the Leftists to be so revealing, albeit insulting in many cases.

Joel McNally, Eugene Kane, Bruce Murphy, Dan Cody, and Chris Liebenthal don't get it.

Their lack of understanding is amazing to me. What is it about talk radio that prevents Leftists from grasping its reality?

It's difficult to believe that Leftists really think they have no forum to air their views and conservatives have an unfair advantage with talk radio. Are they so dense that they don't realize the mainstream media outlets are their forum?

They can't really think that the print media and the Big Three Network news operations, as well as most cable news stations, provide balanced coverage, can they?

If they do, they've taken leave from reality.

Without question, the Leftists have no respect for the talk radio audience. Very offensive.

According to the Leftists in the documentary, listeners are racist and angry and filled with hate looking for an authority figure, the talk radio host, to articulate their feelings and validate their worldview. At the same time, the Leftists depict the listeners as lacking the intelligence to form their own views. Consequently, they're easily swayed by the opinions espoused by the host. The all-powerful host pulls the strings of the simple-minded masses.

In short, talk radio is all about hate. And stupidity.

Frankly, as the program progressed, the Leftists, via their own words, made it clear that they don't comprehend talk radio. They're clueless.

I don't know if it's jealousy over conservative talk radio's popularity or fear of its power that renders them senseless.

Whatever the reason or reasons, they can't stand conservative talk radio.

In the final analysis, I think the Leftists can't deal with it because they are left out. Liberal talk radio fails miserably.

They want to play, but they can't get in the game. They just don't have the skills. Their tantrums about talk radio are probably rooted in their frustration.


The answer is "liberty."

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