Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trenni Kusnierek and Politics

UPDATE: Trenni Kusnierek, in violation of her employer's policy, signed the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker.

April 4, 2012 - Mark Belling links to Kusnierek's tweets:

Kusnierek says she "doesn't follow politics."

Does this sound like someone interested in signing a recall petition?

With all due respect, she sounds like an airhead.


Trenni Kusnierek, a 620 WTMJ sportscaster, is on Twitter.

I don't follow her, but I saw one of her posts via a retweet.

Apparently, Trenni thought it would be a good idea to express her excitement about the defeat of the Blunt Amendment.

She tweets:

Great news! @jaymeelee1 RT @NickKristof: Sen defeats Blunt Amendm, preserving access to family planning. Contraception essential health care

Later, she follows with this tweet:
Experienced an @jasonjwilde today. Posted politics & lost followers. Really hope that just b/c we think differently we can still coexist?

How naive!

Trenni is nearly 35 years old and she's a media personality, yet she has zero understanding of the ramifications of what she puts out on the Internet.

Public figures in apolitical positions take a risk when they post politically partisan stuff.

She also is naive when it comes to the purpose of the Blunt Amendment. Not too bright politically. She is exactly the sort of woman Obama and his cohorts are hoping to attract with their "war on women" and "'free' contraception" tripe.

Trenni, a Marquette University grad and a Catholic, according to her other tweets, obviously doesn't mind the Obama administration's assault on Catholic institutions and the trashing of the First Amendment.

Perhaps she just doesn't understand the significance of what this contraception debate is really about. Maybe she does and is cheering the erosion of our freedom.

This isn't the first tweet of hers that I've found a little weird.

When the Black Eyed Peas played the Super Bowl halftime show, Trenni tweeted that Fergie is "fugly."

Why do that?

In any event, many public figures appear to need some training on the consequences of participating on social sites.

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bill s said...

Is true for all radio stations or just depends on company policy dee on wjjo always spots political stories as she