Thursday, April 5, 2012

David Gregory and Jay Leno: Mitt Romney's 'Mormon Core' (Video)

The Tonight Show continues to go political, naturally swinging to the Left.

This is really getting annoying.

Jay Leno's lead guest on Wednesday's show was David Gregory.

Politico highlights Gregory's appearance. The article is actually propaganda disguised as reporting, just as Leno's show is propaganda disguised as entertainment.

NBC's David Gregory was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, where he shared his opinions on the Republican primary, a Hillary Clinton 2016 bid ("Hillary could certainly do it"), and the divisive nature of Washington politics.

But the host of Meet The Press shared his most candid opinions while discussing Mitt Romney, who he described as a "weak frontunner" who isn't comfortable with his religion.

"Romney is the nominee at this point," Gregory said. "If you look at it from Santorum's view, he's got almost nothing." But, Gregory added, "Romney is fundamentally a weak frontrunner."

Of Romney's religion, Gregory said Mormonism was at the core of Romney's character, but suggested he was afraid to talk about it.

"Let's be honest, this is the core of who Mitt Romney is," he said. "He was a missionary in France for two years. He has been a bishop in the church, which, in the Mormon church, is effectively like a a priest. Philanthropically, he's made huge contributions. He's had a big impact on the church. And yet he doesn't talk about it. It's the core of who he is, and yet he doesn't feel like it's safe to talk about."



Prepare for the allegedly tolerant Leftists to push the Mormon issue to attack Romney.

Let the displays of religious intolerance begin.

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