Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week - Religious Intolerance

It's Holy Week. Today is Holy Thursday.

Time for the Leftists to trot out their attacks on Christians just in time for Easter.

Tim Graham, Newsbusters, points out the religious intolerance displayed by the Leftists at Daily Kos.

This is how the Daily Kos folks say Happy Easter: a diarist with the byline "maf1029" absolutely, positively refuses to grant any respect to anyone holding those foolish religious beliefs. The headline was "I will NOT respect your beliefs...." He's a cradle Catholic who escaped the church with 'the icky wood carvings of torture and a 25 foot tall hanging statue of a bleeded and brutalized person nailed to two planks of wood."

“I do not respect the beliefs of others WRT [with regard to] religion/spirituality. It is a conscious and willful choice not to. It is deliberate," he wrote. "It is my choice, just as it was my choice to dump religion and to clear my mind and my life from the superimposed guilt, fear, more guilt, self-loathing, bigotry, and the silly forced eating of seafood on Fridays.”

Why write this stuff?

Obviously, the guy is seeking attention, but why brag about being intolerant?

This Daily Kos writer is on the same page as Obama. He doesn't respect the religious beliefs of others, either.

Obama is at war with Catholics and all people of faith.

It's rather awkward for Obama to be stripping us of our cherished right to religious liberty as so many Americans prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


ALH said...

(continued) It would be news to liberal media types that there are people who have physical and spiritual hunger that is not satisfied by worship of Obama.

Mary said...


Are they closing their eyes to the truth or are they really blind?