Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scott Walker and Mitt Romney

Yesterday on Fox and Friends, Governor Scott Walker talked about the job situation in Wisconsin.

In addition to discussing job creation, he also said that Mitt Romney has a great message when it comes to our economy.

From FOX News:

Reports are showing that 17 states that elected Republican governors in 2010 made major improvements in the past year when it comes to unemployment. These states include Nevada, Florida, Michigan and Ohio, which are considered to be key swing states for the November election.

...The unemployment rate in Wisconsin has gone from 7.7 percent to 6.8, which Walker said has happened since they put a different focus on creating jobs.

Since all 17 states saw a drop much greater than the national unemployment rate, Walker said, “That’s because of a renewed focus of Republican governors. Whether it’s in my state, whether it’s other states throughout the Midwest and throughout the country, they put the focus on people creating jobs, not just the government and I think that tells you what would happen if we put a chief executive who thought the same way at our national level.”

He continued, “When we say Wisconsin’s open for business, we mean it and I think those are things that Governor Romney is talking about at the national level, which I think provides a great contrast to what we see in Washington.”

Walker said that he believes that the more Romney talks about his agenda to turn the economy around and get our fiscal house in order, the better off he is.

“I also think the more times we hear from Romney, the better off we’re going to be because he’s got a great message.”

Here's video:

Although the recall election was a nightmare and a colossal waste of time and money, I do thank the Democrats and unions for turning Scott Walker into such a prominent national figure.

If not for his historic victory in the recall, Walker wouldn't have the platform he does.

The Democrats are responsible for elevating Wisconsin's governor.

That must really bug them.

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