Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping Victims

Mobs and mobs of people shopping in the middle of the night, standing in lines to get in the stores and then standing in lines to check out, in some cases for hours.

Have Americans lost their minds?

It's insanity.

There's nothing normal about it.

I shopped online on WEDNESDAY, getting the "doorbusters" and free shipping, no minimum. It was great.

As far as going to the stores, I prefer shopping late rather than early. The late night hours work for me.

I did go out briefly, but long enough to see some incredibly bad parenting.

Past midnight, little kids, toddlers and infants, were being dragged around by their parents. If they weren't crying, they were slumped over in strollers, groggy and miserable.


No bargain is good enough to take your little ones out of their warm beds, out into the cold and windy night, and subject them to the shopping madness.

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