Friday, November 9, 2012

Obama Crying (Video)

What's with Obama?

What's with all the blubbering?

He was crying in public the night before the election.

Now, after winning, the guy is still crying openly. On Wednesday, he broke down in tears again.

This is getting ridiculous.

Obama is like the blubbering John Boehner.

From the New York Daily News:

While President Obama proved himself a polished fighter on the campaign trail, a video taken the day after his election victory showed him emotionally raw.

With a second term on the horizon, the President on Wednesday returned to his Obama for America headquarters in Chicago to thank his young campaign staff — and was visibly choked up in the process.

During his four years in the White House, Americans have seen Obama give soaring speeches, dance and even belt out a tune or two, but never cry so openly.
Here's video:

Creepy. The arrogant, aloof, cold, cruel Obama never showed this kind of emotion before.

It's completely out of character.

Does Obama feel guilty about what he did to Mitt Romney, how he stooped so low and flat-out lied about this truly decent man?

Does Romney's class and goodness make Obama realize his dirty campaign was offensive and stunningly divisive? Does Obama regret "Borking" Romney?

Perhaps Obama know he's a failure.

I doubt it. I don't think he sees any of these things that way.

His tears aren't related to other people. They come during self-reflection. The weeping is self-centered. Me, me, me. Boo hoo. Being president is tough. I'm touched by how much you love ME. Waah!

Whatever, he's falling apart. He seems very fragile. Maybe it's exhaustion. Maybe he's afraid he's not up to the job. (He'd be right. We have his first term as evidence.) Maybe part of him would have been relieved if he had lost. That would have freed him from the mess he made. Maybe he fears being held accountable.

I don't know, but Obama needs to quit crying in public. Man up.

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