Friday, November 30, 2012

Obama's $4 Million Hawaiian Vacation

Obama is always yapping about spreading the wealth around. His class warfare rhetoric obviously appeals to the people who voted to reelect him. They bought into his demonization of the rich and successful.

So if Obama is truly a champion of the middle class as he claims to be, if he's really looking out for the little guy, why does he waste so much of the taxpayers' money on his TWENTY DAY VACATION?

From Hawaii Reporter:

Residents living near the beachfront homes where President Barack Obama and First Family vacation with their friends every year since 2008 were alerted on Monday to some specifics of the Obamas' holiday vacation plans.

The report delivered to residents living along the ocean and canal that surrounds the multi-million dollar homes at Kailuana Place where the President stays, informed them of restrictions that will be implemented for 20 days beginning December 17 and running through January 6.

In a matter of weeks, Kailua residents will see the familiar street barricades fronted by U.S. Secret Service agents and Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard stationed in canal and ocean waters.

...The homes where they stay are just a two-minute drive from Kaneohe Bay and the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, where the Obamas and friends can access private white sand beaches and military workout facilities.

While many residents welcome the First Family, others are disheartened by the restrictions put on air, water and road travel while the President and family are in town, especially because it is the holiday season and many families on vacation want to use their boats or surf and paddle in the welcoming ocean waves fronting the Kailua homes. In addition, the President's caravan of at least 22 vehicles including an ambulance can easily overwhelm the community that typically has single lane streets.

Adding to the controversy surrounding the President's visit is the cost of the trip.

With the staff, special forces, local police presence and equipment, the President's visit adds up annually to at least a $4 million vacation courtesy of the Hawaii and federal taxpayers.

While the President and his friends pay for their own rental homes, taxpayers pick up the cost of security and waterfront housing for the Secret Service, Navy Seals and Coast Guard as well as staff accommodations at a plush beachfront Waikiki hotel.

TRAVEL: $3,629,622
Four million dollars.

Obama is such a hypocrite. He's such a fraud.

Why don't the Leftists call Obama out for this extravagance?

Shouldn't those tax dollars be applied to help the middle class?

Just imagine all the women Obama could supply with some of his favorite things, birth control and abortifacients, if he gave up his $4 million vacation.

Why not help thousands of people with $4 million in taxpayers' dollars than use it for the Obamas to spend three weeks vacationing in Hawaii?

Doesn't seem right to me.

Obama demonizes the rich, but he doesn't hesitate at all to take his family on a lavish vacation on our dime.

It makes me sick.

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Harvey Finkelstein said...

37.1% of Americans have a household worth of $10,000 or less.

That's 42.6 million households. Imagine if we have a real financial crash. How is the Federal government going to handle that?

About that vacation?