Friday, November 30, 2012

'Jolly Old St. Obama'

Another song to make your Christmas merry--


Jolly old St. Nicholas
You have been replaced
The followers have sold their soul
To me for other gifts
Christmas Eve just stay at home
Make some other plans
That suit of yours, it don't fit me
So sell it if you can

Johnny gets more food stamps
Pedro gets to stay
Susie gets an Obama Phone
Patients get to wait
ObamaCare is comin' soon
So trim down if you can
Michelle insists you lose the weight
She don't like fat old white men

When the clock is striking twelve
On this New Year's Eve
I'm jumping off that fiscal cliff
And taking you with me
All your reindeer you will find
Missing from their stalls
Their emissions don't pass EPA
And we indicted you and Mrs. Claus

After that the 21st
Is my inauguration
I've been chosen once again
To add more regulation
GDP is slowin' down
Things are almost fair
Rest assured I will not stop
Till everyone's suckin' air

Uh, has Boehner called yet?
He'll give in.
You wait.
Parody performed by the great Paul Shanklin.

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