Friday, February 22, 2013

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon

The Obamas can't seem to stay off network entertainment TV.

Tonight, Michelle Obama will be a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Oh, good grief.

I need an escape from the Obamas. Give me a break!

Michelle and Fallon are tweeting back and forth to hype the show.

I suppose NBC thinks her appearance will be a ratings boost. Given its positively dismal performance during sweeps, I understand the desperation.

The election is over. We don't need to put up with Michelle and Obama and Biden on these shows anymore. Michelle is usually pleasant enough, but there must be some underlying purpose for her appearance.

Yes, they will compete again in the vein of the Let's Move campaign, but there's more.

I fear that this time it will be gun control.

I've been bombarded with emails from Obama's "Organizing" machine about guns. They requested personal stories about gun tragedies. Just today, I got a message urging me to urge my congressman, named in the email, to "create a drumbeat that can't be ignored."

I hope Michelle doesn't beat that drum on Fallon's show tonight.

Unfortunately, I don't think her purpose is to entertain. This time, it's guns.

Will she talk "sequester"?


I'm sick of NBC shilling for the Left.


UPDATE: No talk of guns or sequester. There was no Let's Move competition, though the last one they had at the White House was a topic of discussion. Instead, there was a "Mom Dance" segment, with Fallon dressed like a mom and the two doing various "Mom" dance moves. It was cute.

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