Monday, February 18, 2013

Tony Kushner, 'Lincoln' Screenwriter, and Reagan Ideology

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Tony Kushner, screenwriter of the Oscar-nominated film Lincoln, reveals that he is positively delusional.

History tells us that Mary Todd Lincoln suffered from mental illness. There are questions about Abraham Lincoln's mental status, too. Is Kushner's break with reality an illness or is it the result of pure ignorance?

He calls the Ronald Reagan's view of the relationship between government and the people as "frightening," resulting in "psychotic individualism."

Say what???

Kushner bashes Reagan and conservatives, as well as Mitt Romney, as rejecting the "human community." He blasts the Tea Party. He equates Obama with Lincoln.


Here's video, from MRC:

MRC has the transcript.

I have yet to see Lincoln. I wanted to see it, but it's going to be tough to watch knowing that the insufferable Kushner views Obama as similar to the president charged with serving during the CIVIL WAR. I knew Kushner is a liberal but I didn't realize he's as nuts as he is.

Does the movie include the fact that Lincoln wanted to return freed slaves to Africa? Does it present such documented facts?

Just wondering.

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